Bombers QB Marve announces retirement

Bombers QB Robert Marve today announced his retirement from football which is surprising at this early juncture of his career and just a few starts under his belt.

good luck to him in any future endeavors.

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Quarterback Robert Marve announces his retirement from professional football #CFL #Bombers via @Wpg_BlueBombers

Injury related?

The kid played bits of two season...threw all of 77 passes. He doesn't get to say he retired.....he "gave up" or "quit".

"Retiring" is reserved for those who actually accomplish something over a long period of time.

Pretty harsh. He's had a history of knee problems. I would definitely not label him a quitter. Is this what 25 years of futility does to a fan base?

The guy has suffered three ACL injuries through his playing career (college and pro). Speaking from first-hand experience, I know how tough it is to deal with one ACL tear, never mind three! He must have a heart like a lion. Good luck Robert Marve.

Multiple ACL tears, now a meniscal tear. I'm sure doctors have advised him he's going to have chronic problems which will be hastened by continuing to play. And he has a job opportunity back home starting Friday. It's not a bad decision at all.

He showed potential and then failed.. Does this give us any salary cap space to hire more olinemen?


Injuries and at best would be third string after Willy and Nichols when he returns. Saw the writing on the wall and decided to get on with life after football. Kudos and good luck to him.

He didn't quit ... His knee is toast . Do you your homework before you rip somebody. Guy wants to be able to walk in 5 years .

I guess that's the only explanation for why he'd retire now instead of riding out the season on the injured list while continuing to collect a paycheque.

He must have found a job pretty quickly, given that he was still playing football 30 days ago.

Maybe he's hurt, maybe he's not. Wouldn't be the first athlete in history to walk away from the game claiming injury.

Look, my post was somewhat tongue in cheek so calm down. I didn't call him a "quitter"...he chose to quit (trying to be a professional football player)...very different.

Having said that, consider this.

Kenny Ploen "retired" after an incredible career. Matt Dunigan the same, so did Ron Lancaster and Leo Passaglia and lots of others. How do you "retire" when you never really accomplished much of anything due to injury or lack of talent.

Does Marve deserve to use the same descriptors as the greats of the game? Semantics perhaps but.....

Back peddling and spin doctoring at its finest. Face it you screwed up, admit it. Regardless of how much or how long a player plays the game , when that player decides to leave the game on his own accord no matter the circumstances he has retired. It’s as simple as that, many a player has retired early on in their career for many different circumstances be it an injury or another job opportunity or for whatever. Not everybody is a Ploen or a Dunigan or a Lancaster or a Passaglia, lots of players have played in this league over the years and have had undistinguished or brief careers and have retired from the game. Retirement isn’t an exclusive club held just for the greats of the game and them only.

Man I’ll say. I wonder if he goes “beep” when he backs up like that. . .

And perhaps you just weren't perceptive enough to get the sarcasm in my original point. Whatever. I stand behind my post and my thoughts.

Whether Marve "retired", "quit", "gave up", "walked away" or was "forced by injury to leave the game before he had a chance to accomplish much of anything", he's yet another forgettable guy to wear the Blue & Gold in the last quarter century...and there have been far too many of them to count quite frankly.

Wishing the kid the best, thought he still had an upside despite his rough start after Willy was injured.

It's just retirement, man. He's not inducting himself into the Hall of Fame.

OK, let’s talk semantics. Having just retired myself, I can assure you it’s different from quitting. Giving up a career you love because of age (me) or injury (Marve) deserves to be called retirement. Giving up because you can’t cut the mustard could be called quitting (oh hello, Michael Sam).

Gray area: that hockey player who “retired” from the NHL and went back to play in Russia. Must have got some kind of retirement benefits, or least freedom to break his contract, by calling it retirement. Lawyer stuff.

Ah, but then what do you call it when someone gives up a career due BOTH to injury (Marve) AND because they cannot cut the mustard (Marve) ?