Bombers Put Derick Armstrong on Waivers

Interesting story from The Winnipeg Sun:

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8) After reading that article about what happened, it is obvious that Armstrong is just another head-case.
  First, refusing to go into the game and play when told to, but then almost getting into a physical altercation with his HC the next day  !!!  Thinks he is above his teammates and coaches.

  Can't wait to see the first posting here saying "let's bring him to Hamilton"    !!!!!!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  He just may have ended his CFL career over his nonsence.

A ten year vet who has had 1000 yard seasons the past two years deserved more respect from Kelly than being told right before a game that he suddenly wasn't starting.

Armstrong will eventuallt be cut, and will haunt the Bombers and their aenemic offence.

Is there anyone else wondering if there might be just a little more to this story?

Well according to CJOB the Ticats are interested but Kelly would rather trade him out West.

Nothing wrong with Armstrong except his knees.

Well, WAIT no longer Tipper ..."BRING HIM TO HAMILTON!" ... are you kidding me ?? There isn't a team , other than Calgary who won't make a play for him ... Obillovich wouldn't be doing his JOB if he DIDN'T try to get this man ... Armstrong would be BETTER than any WR currently on the roster ...

Personally, I see him going to EDMONTON ... he would be a PERFECT go to guy for Rick Ray to throw his sweet ball to.

As far as there "being more to the story" ... I wouldn't think so ... Seems pretty STRAIGHTFORWARD - a ROOKIE HC totally DISRESPECTING a veteran on the team ... Veteran takes EXCEPTION and forces the Rookie's hand ... Rookie coach makes a STATEMENT to the rest of team that "he is in CONTROL" ... player says "trade me right !@#@! NOW" ... end of story.

I truly hope he becomes a Cat ... but it is too much to ask for me thinks.


The only way that may work is through a third party...

The Ticats Own 1st Rights to Waver Wire so they can pick him up at Same Salary

Last time Ticats made an offer to "The Kell and Murph Circus" it was for Goodspeed. Ticats had to go through the Riders. I wonder who will help cork Kelly this time :smiley:

He will likely end up out West. BC is interested.

Doubt very much a two time 1000 yard receiver the last two years hits waivers.

He on Re-callable Wavers
It is a way to see if anyone will put in a Claim on him
If Hamilton Puts in Clam then Bombers will Recall him
They Bombers will try and work out trade
They may what a Pick and Bauman my Guess.

Franky too high a Price..

If obie doesnt pick him up he should be fired asap.

The fact he got into it with Kelly means he is definately ok to me.

The fact is we are very weak at receiver and need experience badly and Armstrong is a helluva lot better than anyone we have except for Rodriguez.

....I have a feeling you might be on to something here....Armstrong for Bauman...maybe with some incentive thrown in could work...we know what Armstrong can do....and Bauman who hasn't done much for the TiCats (big potential though) could work...Playing for the Bombers , Bauman would be pretty close to home... and Kelly likes hometown's a possibility... :roll:

I'm not Bauman's biggest fan because I think he has talent but takes a lot of plays off. But there's zero chance we trade Bauman for Armstrong. We have almost no depth at non-import receiver. If we try to trade for Armstrong, I can see us sending George Hudson to Winnipeg. Hudson is a backup now, making starter's money. And we have Rottier and Carlson to backup the O-Line starters here now.

Id make that trade, bauman has looked horrible and now that we have stala i have no problem sending bauman out of town.

...and I suppose you would want to line him up at slotback, right Drexl?

Bauman barely played last week. I saw him a couple times in the first half and then a lot in the 4th quarter during garbage time.

I think this guy should be starting. He's a good receiver but he's not going to grow into a great one if he's playing behind Chris Davis and McDaniel. I think he's better than both of them.

When you don't play a lot, it's really tough to stay focused on the game. Either start him, rotate him regularly or get rid of him.

A player has to earn his starting time. Is Bauman a better receiver at this point in his career than Dave Stala? Nope, it's not even close. Bauman may one day be a great receiver but he is right where he belongs, rotating in once in awhile.

You guys need quality receivers. Go get this guy RIGHT NOW.

I'm beginning to lose patience with Baumann. This is his third year. He SHOULD have shown the improvement that I expect of him. Time to start playing better or start looking for a new job.