Bombers put billboard up in Regina

A little healthy advertising in February is always a good thing.

These things usually backfire though, last time the Bombers did this they put up that 7-1 and 1-7 and mentioned things in Sask being backward and then they got swept.


LYLE ! :slight_smile:

It certainly DOES BACKFIRE ! Like this little gem that the Sliders had put up last year a few blocks from THF. :smiley:
Final score............Ti-Cats - 53 Sliders - 7 :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: Good fun and a good time was had by all that night , that is of course if you were wearing Black "n" Gold !!! :smiley: :rockin:

[url=] ... billboard/[/url]

I love what the Cats have been putting out for the last number of years. The Riders started these billboard blitzes a ways back and I think they are great....but the cats are pushing into new ground and trying to get stuff that will get more of a viral approach with social media....which is awesome. Fantuz with the record for catches in a minute and last year I believe it was that they did the GOT thing...fantastic stuff.

I still like the ad sign I passed on my way thru Regina, just before a Labor Day bash….

"Keep your little Willy out of our Regina"

:thup: :lol:

All in good fun, does not bother me, other than we lost 2 great players.....Jones is and idiot!!

Grammar is important when calling someone an idiot :smiley:

Well sure it is, maybe just perhaps 5 days before labour day 2017 the standings look like this ,

  1. Calgary
  2. Winnipeg
  3. Riders
  4. BC
  5. Edmonton

Roosevelt, Carter, Edwards, Holley, Collins Jr, Bagg, Demski.

Tell me, where do you see those 2 fitting on this team? They are not missed.

I would take Dressler or Smith over Demski any day, any way.

Sorry but you have to have a Canadian element to a receiving corp

Rob Bagg?

Need more than one.

The real question is if you would take one of them over Roosevelt.

Apples to apples.

Have to admit the scout who found Roosevelt should be awarded the green manure medal of honour.

Roosevelt, if 100% recovered from his serious injury of last season is far superior to either/both of the bomber Smurf patrol - Smith or Dressler. He's faster than either guy (age has taken a toll on the once near sprint speed Dressler) and he can launch vertical by at least a foot over what Dressler or Smith can going after errant QB tosses. He's also much more difficult to drag down, sometimes bouncing tacklers away while Smith & Dressler usually go down on first contact! :cowboy: