Bombers put billboard up in Regina

The @Wpg_BlueBombers billboard up in Regina right now. Awesome!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hahaha...ya that's terrific. Good for them.

OK that's funny.

Reminds me of a number of years ago here in Calgary.

There is a bill board next to MCMahon.

The Esks put up a large graphic of an Esk fan horseback riding a Stamps fan.

Vandals climbed ( at risk of life and prosecution ) and painted over it.

It got into the media. Couple of players commented on how the fans had their backs.

Stamp fans complained as to why it was allowed, but the company that sells the space stated the Eskimos were a paying customer and they had the right to put up what they wanted.

I always wondered if some idiot did it , or if it was a publicity stunt produced by both clubs.

Regardless, it was the talk of the town at the time.

Nothing wrong with that.

Great image. However, won't last more than 2 or 3 weeks.

Especially if in area of Regina that has no securite. NOTE: All areas of Regina are unsecured!

Anyways, there's tons of loathing and hatin' goin' down on the Rider fan site. Only good point is most of the better posters are mature - well over 55 or 60 and wouldn't be capable of climing up the poles to swatchtikize the board.

But there's clear evidence of some really vicious campaigners (including the lipmouth who runs the rider board) who'll risk liberty and limb to put and end to the bomber laugh-up!

NOTE: Bomber sickos would do the same to a Rider erected signboard. No question. Only difference is most of the bomber sicks come from Winnipeg - rider sicks can slither out from almost any small town, hovel, village, hobo-town, tiny city or the provincial Crapital - Saskatocque

Good show! :thup:

.......AND the best thing about Regina appears in your rear view mirror...plunk plunk plunk

:lol: :lol: :lol: Nice to see you are in mid season form during the off season Lyle.

A billboard of 2 guys the Riders no longer wanted. With Roosevelt, Collins Jr, Holley, Edwards, & now Carter its pretty obvious that neither of those 2 players would even make the team. Good one Winnipeg, you got us :roll:

lol just like they did not want Darian Durant anymore. Migsy is so delusional.

When you immediately resort to name calling, it means you got nothing.

Riders wanted Durant to play the Lulay role, a vet insurance policy.

As far as Ryan Smith & Dressler, Riders weren't interested, Dressler admitted as such. & even if they were, who would they displace with their current contracts? Roosevelt or Carter? Not a chance. Holley, CollinsJr, Edwards on rookie contracts, no way.

Good on both players suiting up with the Bombers, they knew the door shut on them in Regina.

Good job Bombers, if not a little unoriginal. The league needs more of this stuff.


Really??? I hope grades 2-12 went better for you than grade 1. :wink:

They should also add to that billboard, that Winnipeg has luxurious indoor flushing toilets. No outhouses in the Peg! :smiley:

[i]Lyle, have they legalized weed in Manitoba? :smiley:

Sober or not, this is out there (in a good way). :lol: [/i]

Last year of Canad Inns stadium I went to a game in Winnipeg and not far away was a billboard by the Riders jabbing the Bombers. All in good fun. Can't remember the dig but I laughed.

Ok - this is funny

,.....Billboards in your basement don't count :stuck_out_tongue:

An insurance policy for what?! Bridge and Gale!? Oh wait, you are probably thinking Franklin..Riders have Edmonton right where they want them with Franklin supposedly wanting out with each passing day :lol:

Durant would be a far greater insurance policy than Glenn at this point in their respective careers. When the dust settles the Riders will be far worse off at the Qb position in 2017 than the prior year...unless they are willing to be taken over a barrel (and with Jones questionable Gm abilities that is a distinct possibility) by the Esks in a Franklin trade. Think of what the Bombers received for Drew Willy and add a big plus on top of that.