Bombers pumped for next week's Toilet Bowl Game

Cheer up, Bomber Fans!

Next week's the Toilet Bowl vs. the Hamilton Puttytats at CanadInns minimum security facility. TSA security will on hand to welcome you and toss out your booze, drinks and food. Special True Blue paper bags with eye holes will be available for $10 each.

A running of the pit bulls for GM Mack, Buchko and the Bomber Board of Directors will be the half time entertainment.

TSN will black out the game in Winnipeg to maximize attendance.
See you there :oops:

Well hey, they might win that one. Hamilton's coach & management don't know what they're doing either. :stuck_out_tongue:

I give the edge to Winnipeg in this one. After all, Winnipeg won the first meeting.

Toilet Bowl??

Are you talking about Winnipeg and Edmonton?

Looks like the TiCats have got their act together, just time as the Bombers and Esks appear to be fading fast. The best part of this one should be the mushroom cloud over the stadium and fall out after.

Bombers only hope for this game is that Bad Hank shows up.

Hamilton has made some key moves on defense in acquiring some players who were stuck in a situation on their team where their was an abundance of quality players at their positions. Tory Davis and Brandon Peguese already made huge impacts on the D line and Ricardo Colclough should be in Uniform playing a role in the D backfield with flexibility to play CB, HB, and SAM LB.
All three were caught at the bottom of their rotations or odd man out when it came to scratches. Peguese and BC coacing staff did not see eye to eye. and Colclough was caught behind joe Burnett among others but they all can play.
That is the difference between Winnipeg and Hamilton went out and got players to improve positions that had players not playing well Winnipeg has done nothing.
Also Hamiton has figured out that cobourne is worth dressing every game now. He also has practiced but has sat most of the first half of the season so he will also be fresh and healthy.
With Whitaker out for the season and Montreals refusal to improve their special teams by at least bringing in a proper punter is also a team that you will see sinking with Edmonton as well as Winnipeg sinking even more. poor Edmonton just did not have a QB. The QB with the most ability on Edmonton is on the IR for the year in Masoli they just made the decided to leave him out of the QB mess for this season considering it is only his 2nd pro season. one in the very shrtend UFL and now this year. at least they have Nichols as the number two now you cant get experience unless you play.