Bombers proud of complete team effort in win over Riders

WINNIPEG — It was a dominant effort for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Saturday night as they defeated the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the Labour Day Weekend rematch at IG Field.

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Three different QB's score TD's and over 130 yards rushing with NO POINTS allowed by that crazy defence in the fourth quarter. I think that's the Bombers' best effort so far this season.

Saskatchewan has some serious repair work to do. Fajardo has been running for his life EVERY game. Not just this one. If someone doesn't grow a pair in that organization and just spell it out... FIX THE CFL's WORST OFFENSIVE LINE before Cody gets killed... then their season is lost.


Agree on both counts. Riders are a hot mess. Unimaginative play calling, penalties issues still there sans Marino. Four game home losing streak - may be continued even with Elks in town - mess at home but 3-4 on the road. I'd predicted if the Riders didn't at least make it to the GC game @ Mosaic in Regina, there would be changes. Not so bold prediction. Maas & Dickenson will go. Best bet on replacement. Shivers may be the guy. He's gotten more popular in Regina - the other 2, not so much. :sunglasses:


To be honest, as a huge Bomber fan, I've thought they have won too many games this year by the skin of their teeth...the worry being that it will catch up to them in the playoffs.

Well, not so at the Banjo Bowl.

They showed the complete wealth of talent they have and what they can really do when all cylinders are firing.

Can't wait for Brandon Alexander to come back and captain our secondary, as well Ellingson to resume his dominance.

Collaros is one of the best on-the-run throwers I have seen in my 62 years, CFL or NFL. Just simply beautiful to watch.

Well done Mike, Buck, Richie, Kyle and Wade and also Mr. McMannis. Your brilliance has built this showcase to be what every other team strives to attain and admires. Good on ya, boys!


I absolutely agree. It's a mystery to me that more teams aren't copying our model... dominate the trenches, field above average Canadian talent and create the kind of atmosphere that attracts the best players. That first area of strength, dominate the trenches is something that Hamilton and Saskatchewan haven't done on the offensive side of the ball for a while now and their QB's are paying a heavy price.

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Of course one of the teams having roster riddled by illness, hadving to drive players in at the last minute and 5 O-lineman on I'v's just to get the on the field might have been a contributing factor to the "pounding". Sask. will get healthy and kick some ass before this season is over,

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They may get healthy but even at its best, our O Line is not good.

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Maaax, pantsonfire,
Great points.
I thought for sure at the beginning of the season, barring injuries, that Winnipeg and Sask would be the two duking it out for the west. We didn't know how good Rourke would be so BC was an unknown.
But injuries, discipline issues, and seemingly laissez faire attitude seem to be killing the Green.
It's too bad for the fans. They deserve better and the great rivalry between those clubs is hurt when one team doesn't live up to expectations.

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