Bombers produce video encouraging family friendly atmosphere

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News report on said video ^

Bombers are also now instituting a zero-tolerance policy regarding beer cup stacking.

to be shown on the jumbotron at games so u wont see it on tv.

people were throwing cups down from the upperdeck and a few people got nailed in the head causing injuries.

they had no choice in the matter.


all over plastic cups.

ridiculous even that people actually complain about this type of crap.

whats a plastic snake have to do with football? NOTHING

From which part of my post are you drawing negativity? I don't believe I showed either support or opposition towards this change in policy by the Bombers.


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I don't think Killer was referring to you. There's been a bunch of whining from some fans in the comments sections at the newspapers' websites and on other message boards.

It's not that bad, guess who is at the Bomber games in late Oct or early Nov ? Not the families or the older folks, It's the die hards in the east side ! People in Winnipeg know where the family sections are and where the party sections are ! I have kids, when I take them to the game, it's on the west side in section A , in the non Alcohol section ! Or any where on the west side ! When I go with the boys, we go to the East side and have a blast ! Have some beers and support the Bombers loudly ! Of course there are idiots and they get thrown out ! If your from out of town any section you sit in is fine ! Except for section S !

That sucks, I thought the Beer snake was cool.But when I saw the video on youtube where the fans threw cups down to the lower level, that made me lose all respect for those who built it.RIP beer snake, you will be missed :frowning:

I don't think that's true. I think season ticket holders and people who attend a number of games know that but I don't think the casual fan does (now they probably do since there's been so much bad publicity about the section in the media at the end of last season and now). I didn't know anything about the reputation of Section S until I joined the Bombers message board. The problem is that during the 2009 season and so far this season Section S seems to have gotten out of hand. They're becoming more known for the idiots who start fights, punch police officers and throw stacks of 20+ jumbo beer cups at people than for actually cheering for the team. Being the "rowdy section" isn't an excuse for behaving like idiots. There are too many drunks at games (east side, west side and endzone) that are spoiling things for people who want to watch the game and cheer for the team.

It wasn't sec s that was throwing cups, it's the idiots throwing cups from different sections ! I agree you can't have idiots throwing cups and swearing in front of kids , but having a few beers and standing and making noise is what makes the great atmosphere at football games !

Shouldn't they have done something about people throwing cups around, rather then banning fun?

whats a plastic snake have to do with football? NOTHING
What do cheerleaders have to do with football? Nothing.

Bet you 50 bucks the entire stadium will be booing when they first play this :expressionless:

Other than the fans who got dinged in the back of the head by all of the cups that got tossed forward, of course.... They'll probably be cheering.

family friendly atmosphere = suck

look at the jays marketing, family friendly ruins everything

Sorry, but that video's pretty lame. It's going to be laughed at by the student section. Who'd they book to sing in the spot, The Nylons? :smiley:

When the snake broke and sections of it were being thrown that was by idiots in Section S. It was the throwing of sections of the snake that caused the injuries.

Rather than waste time building a snake, Section S should be going back to what they claim they are the best at - cheering for the Bombers.

The entire stadium won't boo because there are a lot of fans who agree with what the Bombers have done. Too many drunks are ruining the game expierence for others.

Considering the team is still fresh from a fan dying, the concerns are very legitimate. Not to mention the annoyance to the fans that are there to watch the game and those that get beer someone else has stuck their dirty mug in all over themselves.

I understand and agree 100% that nobody should have thrown the cups the way they did...but i'm not sure why it's a problem if peope stack some (or a few thousand :lol:) empty plastic beer cups.

Because it seems that one can't be done without the other.

What are you talking about ! Fresh :roll: That happened 3 or 4 years ago. The guy tripped and fell 6ft to the ground ! Once again , you can't get it right !

the fan falling happended about 2 years ago and it wasnt 6 feet, it was more like 30 feet. cant beleive someone would actually make light of that incident.

i guess what some dont understand is this...

if i go to a game and bring a kid with me and that kid gets smacked in the head with a cup.. what are my options.

  1. i can SUE THE BOMBERS
  2. i dont come back

there we go.

bombers had no choice in doing this.

to all those saying dont sit in that section...

its the cheapest section of the stadium and if i have a familly and dont go to games regularly or often.. how the hell am i supposed to know about section s.

put it this way

section s holds maybe 2000 people...

the stadium holds about 30,000.

vocal minority here.

and blue dragon, wasnt refering to your post.. just refering to the just.. its out of control for gods sake...

cheerleaders, btw.. have been involved with football since day 1

cheerleaders dont cause injuries either, but throwing cups DO.

1 section again ruins it for the majority of people.

u wonder why games dont sell out? because of these clowns in section s always getting negative publicity for the team. ITS THAT SIMPLE. last year.. it was that hogan clown fighting with cops.. this year its these morons throwing cups and hitting ppl with them. IT JUST DOESNT END with these clowns.

love how ppl call it the student section tho.. its actually.. if u look at that youtube video.. i see ppl who look 40 in there. hardly students. hogan was 50 and causing problems. ITS NOOT JUST THE STUDENTS.