Bombers prez says Kelly's job is safe (

WINNIPEG --" They're coming off an embarrassing 45-point loss and are tied for the CFL's worst record, but don't expect the Winnipeg Blue Bombers to fire head coach Mike Kelly.

"I don't think that that's an issue right now," said Bombers president Lyle Bauer. "Our time is best focused for our football people to work to improve our football team."

The Bombers (3-7) are tied with Toronto for third in the East Division standings. But the club is coming off a lopsided 55-10 home loss to the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Sunday, prompting many Winnipeg fans to call for Kelly's ouster..."

The operative words are "right now." ROTFLMFAO

Oski Wee Clock Ticking,


Ouch. Those words ususally come a couple weeks prior to the axe falling.

Sad as it is, both the bummers and blue team are only a few points behind us.

8) Yep, you're right Ockham, that proverbial vote of confidence, is usually followed by the "kiss of death".
  You can bet that Bauers head will roll also, since he is the guy that hired his buddy, Mr. Kelly !!

  It would appear that neither one of them can judge talent, or lack of it, very well at all !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

   I would be willing to bet that the Bombers regret firing Doug Berry, at this point in time !!      <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Ah, the dreaded vote of confidence.

I give Kelly two weeks on the outside.

You're probably right, but it is good to hear that he's safe for the moment.

Keep in mind that WPG didn't fire Doug Barry because they couldn't afford to pay another coach while still honouring Barry's contract. Hopefully they are in the same situation now. :lol: :smiley:

Berry was better then this clown..

He be beter then coach Bart in Toronto.

I dont think they will fire him this year,a playoff spot isnt likely,I think they are better off just waiting out the storm,start rebuilding next year.
Maybe they should hire Charlie Taffe lol

bauer ain't firing kelly cause the bombers are still paying doug berrys contract and it would look bad if there were two coaches being paid NOT to coach,,, and i think that's the bottom line.

Even if they don't fire Kelly, there are still two coaches being paid no to coach! :twisted:

This makes me happy.. anything that keeps the Bombers the league doormats and proverbial circus is good in my books, about time it was someone else's turn!!

In any company these days where employees have a lot of computer access as part of their job (which coaching staff does), it’s highly unlikely that the employee is given much advance indication they are about to lose their job. It usually comes with no warning as they arrive for work one morning.

So it’s prudent that when media and fans are clamouring for answers as to a coach’s future, the “official” company line is that the person’s job is safe. And then when the “real” decision is actually made, it happens swiftly and computer log-in access is denied.

Computers and data-bases are great tools but they can also spell trouble if a disgruntled employee keeps logging in while suspecting their days are numbered anyhow.

Like when Young said there was no plans to fire Marshall and he was gone, what, less than two weeks later?
Ownership or management assurances mean nothing in sports when it comes to job security in the midst of prolonged losing.

Im betting Kelley will do something reiciculous before now and november which will basically forse the Bombers to fire Bauer and Kelley.

Bauer knows him and Kelley are joined in this as well as Lefors

Depending on how out of control the Bombers are at this point and how much more embarassment they will endure this year (ie: another humiliating blowout in Montreal next game), the Board of Directors may be wise to instruct Bauer to dismiss Kelly and replace him with Berry, assuming he is available. That would probably result in Bauer's immediate resignation but so be it - he is most likely gone at the end of the season anyway.
Assuming the Bombers cannot afford to carry the salaries of two dismissed head coaches, Berry may be the lesser of two evils in an effort to minimize any further damage to this team and franchise from within.
I doubt if the Board could bring themselves to make such a move but desperate times require desperate actions.

I'd prefer Kelley over Berry, Berry is just a brutal play caller and has the personality of a umm well he doesnt have one.