Bombers pre season numbers bogus.

How is it we sold out our preseason game yet had several thousand empty seats for our home opener...... sounds fishy to me.... God thank we're getting an extra 600 K this year in TV money (despite selling our soul) otherwise we'd for sure lose money again.

I think they use tickets sold rather than tickets actually used at the game when they do attendance counts.

The Rider pre season game was "sold out" as well but there were still empty seats.

There is a difference between sales and attendance!

A sellout is a sellout regardless as to how many actually show up for the game

Things happen and people can't make the game. I know because I had that happen to me last year with both the Oil King games and an Oiler game. I ended up working in Fort Mac and it ended up being alittle longer than I expected so I ended up missing some games but I still had the tickets. Thank god I had somebody go in my place so they didn't totally go to waste.

There was a Winnipeg Goldeyes home game the same night as the Bombers home opener.

Plus, a lot of people go to the lake on Friday night.

Plus, Canad Inns Stadium is a lousy place to watch football... very, very uncomfortable stadium.

Winnipeg deserves an NHL team!