Bombers post profit in 2010

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The Winnipeg Blue Bombers will announce Wednesday that they actually turned a profit despite another losing season on the gridiron, club president Jim Bell confirmed Tuesday.

"We're very pleased," Bell said. "We certainly we would have liked to have won more games on the field last year and it's been well-documented that, how many game were there that we lost by four points or less — nine? But having said that, when you look at our financial statement, it's obvious that our fans were loyal, very supportive and tomorrow, we will present a profit on our financial statement for 2010 and we're very, very pleased with that — not only in what we accomplished last year but what we believe in going forward this year and as we move into our new home."

Winnipeg went 4-14 the last season and it is rare for a losing CFL club to finish in the black.

Bell, however, would not disclose how much that profit is, but did indicate that it is a healthy one.

We're excited about it," he said. "We're excited about it. We think it's significant."

Thanks for the info, that is really good to hear considering their instability 2 seasons ago with Kelly, and bad record last year. I think they have a good coach in place and just need a couple seasons to build.

Here's a link to another article from the Free Press:

A link on the page to another very short article by Ed Tait says the profit was just over $400,000.

The Bombers fan forum is tonight so the annual report should be up at the website soon.

It's actually up at already:

Great to see CFL teams doing so (relatively) well.
The Bombers will be able to generate more revenue streams once their new stadium opens up.

One thing that caught my eye, is that apparently merchandise only accounts for 1% of total revenues.
I thought it would be a lot more.

What's also nice is to see that the annual report shows league revenues are up over last year. That's great for all teams.

This is awesome news. Hopefully they get into the millions next year. The beer snakes probably helped the profit numbers a little. Lol

Winnipeggers are generally loyal to their football club. Banjo Bowl weekend is always a fun time even though both sides can take the rivalry a little bit too far. Wearing green in a Winnipeg mall on Banjo Bowl weekend usually gets me booed out of the mall but it is still fun. Congratulations on posting a profit dispite your brutal season.


Congrats to Winnipeg. :thup:

This all bodes very well for the economic health of the Bombers when they move into their new stadium in 2012 which will likely see all revenues will go up even higher. It wouldn't be a total shock to see the team start to post seven figure profits once the team moves into the new stadium. The financial future looks very bright in Winnipeg. :thup:

…With naming rights for the new digs
…40 corporate suites
…More seating
…More concessions
…Increased parking rates AND NO 800,000 A YEAR PAYMENT to WPG. Enterprises ALL adds up to a nice tidy sum in increased revenue and savings IN 2012…Gotta like it for the future if you’re a Bomber fan :wink: :thup:

Well done. Excellent start for the new management team.

Now if you guys could just win a Grey Cup.

I kid, I kid. :lol:

Bombers aren't too far away.. they just need a QB that can survive and is good.

they have a lot.

It will be mega profit for the BB when the new stadium comes on line.
Who says now that CFL teams are not profitable, save and except Toronto and Hamilton. And when the Hammer gets their new/refurb stadium it will only leave the Argos out. Sad.
Anyway with the new lottery jackpot new TV mega deal coming wow, the league has never looked better.
Yes dear I say, it's time to expand and beyond Moncton, Quebec City and Saskatoon.
12 teams are realistic.

New jackpot lottery???
Did I miss something?

A figure of speach DG, the next TV contract must be like winning the lottery for the league like the regular Max $50M jackpots.

You're welcome. That is probably to the penny what Rider fans paid to watch and participate in the Banjo Bowl.

That game would be a sell-out without the few Rider fans who attend.

Good news indeed! As profits rise, we will see stadium improvements, higher salary cap and additional things which will make the league better. And then when it gets better, more will be interested and drive up revenues.

Despite the hopes of Rogers and some Toronto area media idiots, the CFL is doing just fine!