Bombers playing entire season at Canadinns

per CJOB...

I good decision, if not way too long coming. Now we can let the stadium get built and just focus on football....

So playing four weeks on the road for absolutely no reason... total cluster...

Yup...but then the next 4 are at home, so...

But if they dig themselves a hole one the road, pressure mounts… I just think its a disadvantage in a division that looks so competitive.

....I would rater see the stadium built at a slow pace and have it done right....Playing 4 straight away games to get the season started is a little tough...BUT ..what;s that ol saying ' when the going gets tough the tough get going' ..We'll be at or near top spot by the end of the year...matters not how we get there :rockin: :wink:

Bombers brass, please see Mark Chipman for advice and wise decesion making!

Is the Bombers organization going to do it up as the last season like last year ?? or are they going to let last year be last year as it was so special to be the last year ?? Because last year is this year and it would be a shame to do nothing this year !!

But what if this year isn’t the last year. That would make the last year after the last year not really the last year. Is next year the first year or the second year after the last year ? I guess it depends on what you think is the last year.

We had a good road record last year so there’s no reason to panic now.

There are some of us who are hoping the Bombers’ marketing department will try using some humour when dealing with this. Stuff like “last season at Canad Inns Stadium - the sequel” or “the final game at Canad Inns Stadium - this time we’re sure” .

… :lol: How about ’ it looks like the beginning of the end for Canadinns, that seems never ending, looking forward to a new beginning in the end’ :slight_smile:

Better hope the Bombers have nothing to play for come October/November because I wouldn't want to be the eastern team coming here that time of year, peace.

Yah, nothing like watching a low scoring game with the worst conditions in the world. :roll:

Worst conditions??? You must be referring to having to play a team with a healthy defense in the cold. Lol

We actually get fans to our games and sellout ! Hamiton can barely sellout Labour day !

Get rid of those awful p-flaps that cover the seats and your stadium would have been done right about now. Just what winnipeg needs shade in the fall to keep you even colder !!! :thdn:

lol, your team isnt even playing in hamilton next year so keep talking, that’s all you ticat fans do anyways… just like the players on your team, very low class fans too. colder? lol, i suppose you arent too familliar with the weather here at all… i understand people think winnipeg automatically freezes in the winter but i’d bet we had less snow and better weather in the winter last year than you guys did. GO CHECK environment canada… seriously

keep you even colder? LOL dude, winnipegers dont even care if it gets cold, unlike southern ontario, we actuallly have the “spaldings” and we realize sometimes they may freeze in the winter, after all IT IS CANADA and winter happens everywhere. but we also understand that they willl thaw out. Dont be mad at us that we are tougher than you and can deal with -20 temperatures… dont hate on a teams stadium when you yourself is getting a new one and wont even be playing in hamilton next year… whats gonna happen if that stadium isnt ready in time for 2014? then what. Oh right, it will be cuz you are just renovating your dump while we are getting a brand new state of the art stadium.

Dont be mad cuz ours is bigger and nicer than yours…

Starting to smell a lotta jealousy here…My team’s gonna be playing in a beautiful brand-spankin’ new stadium next season…where’s your team gonna play???

Funny how Wingnut attacks fans of other team. Get a life loser. Talk about no class!!! Read some of ur rants Wingnut, time to grow up or u’ll end up like AlsRule. No wonder no one takes u seriously on the main site.

Too bad it won't be ready for this year but it's better to delay it then rush it into service. What's another year of waiting?