Bombers played with Heart!!

Congrats to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers who played with tremendous heart right down to the wire today in Toronto. Bomber fans should be very proud of the effort of these hard-working never say die men.
And, Troy Westwood - I salute you- great game punting and kicking.


Good job by CBC with coverage and nostalgia too.
Rider and Bomber Pride Nation Wide!!!!!!!!

Westwood had a helluva playoff. Man I felt so good for him when he nailed that 42 yarder. Then to see him after the game, well what can you say. :cry:

Great game Bombers your defense was awesome... AND I cant believe I am saying this... but the CBC actually did do a good job and I LOVED the Nostalgia

Defensive battle all night long.

Dinwiddie has nothing to be ashamed of, couple
bad decisions, but all in all he gave them a chance.

Roberts actions never matched his words.

(thats better)

Yes, the Riders' D sure stuffed Sir Charles; and he dropped more than a few catchable balls too. Not his best game, that's for sure.

Was anyone else annoyed with the Winnipeg play calling? It seemed to me like Dinwiddie kept going for the long pass and it kept failing.

I agree about Roberts not having a good game, but part of the problem was not using him enough. He HAD to be a bigger part of the game.

…the CBC nostalgia was really cool…

westwood and milt had great games. but it wasn't enough. kerry's legs and the Rider D were the keys to this game.
and the wpg D was awesome. not a repeat of the 89 Cup, but that was two teams who played really hard.

Gotta give credit where credit is due Bombers have earn my respect

Thank YOU Turkey!! The Riders are full marks for the victory. Congrats to you and all the fine people of Saskatchewan! But watch out,we may have a repeat next year and the Blue Bombers will prevail!! Enjoy your victory while you can because it will be.....

True Blue in 2008!!!!!!

Bombers done us all proud with their gutsy play. Full marks to the Riders for a classy win!

Roberts didn't do much on offense, although he could have been used more in my opinion.

Didn't understant why they had Dinwiddie throwing long bombs so often? Especially on second and short, which killed many of their drives.

Still Dinwiddie was obvioulsy in over his head. His four turnovers lead to 13 Saskatchwan points.

But its obvious to me if Glenn had played, the Bombers would have won going away.

...and if it had been a cloudy night, the cow would not have jumped over the moon!!!!

What IF's are an excuse...Riders played through injury adversity... they never used it as an excuse ...We will never know what "if" Glenn played and really who can say that it would have made a difference??

Me thinks we were a team of Destiny...And look, we defeated the Bombers AND the Daili Lama


There was a couple of times in the game where I'm like what that heck are you talking about with Walby and whoever the other guy is. They mixed up a Bomber recievers name, and then said the Riders got stuffed previously on third down, but they challenged and ended up getting the first. I was very impressed with officiating in this game, and for once didn't think that our replay system is totally out to lunch. Good game by both teams, glad we finally did it.

Who ever said that DEFENSE wins Championships was right. This game turned out to be more exciting then I thought it would be. Congrats to the Riders and the Rider nation. Especially 3 interceptions. And 2 of them on Milt! Which I think he should of had. The Riders had Roberts number, so he was ineffective.
But to the Bomber's...Your team played with heart, and made it a very close game. The odds were against you prior to this game, but they truly showed true grit. I was impressed with Ryan Dimwittie. He had better passing stats then the league MOP, and shows promise of a great future in the CFL. He gave 100%, as did your entire team. There is nothing to hang your heads about. many more days until next season starts????????????

Yes the replay booth upstairs looked a tad full...but they did call a decent the beginning all the calls went against us but in the end the ones that counted went in our favor..and rightfully so.

Want to mention how impressed I was with Troy Westwoods' play not only today, but in the playoffs as a whole. He was a man on a mission, and proved what he was capable of. His punting, and fg were 100%. Also..Doug Brown was truly the leader on Defense. The Denfensive teams were the stars of the game today on both sides.

Great Game BOMBERS!!!