Bombers Pictures

Hey guys, since I have season tickets this year and I have a camera I think I will put pictures from each game in this thread.

I have to upload todays preseason game pictures then I'll post them (I promise I will get better pictures during the season :oops: )

ok, I'll keep adding them to this link each game.

nice pictures pretty sweet cabbie was there

why is Winnipeg wearing white at home?

dont know, but I like the white better so I wont complain…

just hope that the league doesn't intend to have teams wear their whites at home, I would HATE THAT!!!!

and some would like that, its just your opinion.

yeah, it is my opinion, but I'm will to bet a majority would agree with me.

The NBA does it, and it really sucks, the NHL thankfully changed it.

Thanks for sharing.

Who cares really? Its the performance of the team that counts, not if they are wearing the white uniforms.

if anyone else has picures now or any other week, feel free to post them here

if you home, you wear your home colors or thirds, if your away, you wear white.

that's the way it is, and should always be!

well if i do remember correctly and i think i do..last year when the bombers played edmonton in the pre-season they wore their home unis for both home and away games against the my guess is that they will be wearing their away ones this year

well, I pray it's ONLY for the preseason, maybe they do that GC Coin Toss thing, you know, where they flip a coin to decide who is home or away?