Bombers pay QB money for good canadian olineman

Need to fill holes on this o line and other areas beside QB. They should open the bank for all the other positions throw all the money they did not spend on a QB to force other teams to either match or lose their free agent. Lets go well above the going rate for o line man as we are saving lots of money with no name QB's. maybe we could end up throwing the cfl pay scheme out of wack causing other teams that have high priced QB's to spend over the cap

Such an Olineman that you speak of is out there and unsigned right now. Montreal is yet to sign All Star Canadian LT Josh Bourke. Everyone in Montreal is already counting him in and ready to sign anyday back with Montreal. Which he may well do but I ask the question if that is so why hasn't he just signed already.
He is a one of a kind player in the CFL right now so checking into see what his value is on the market.
If Winnipeg is to over pay for him in CFL terms he would certainly consider more $$$.

I think that right now Winnipeg could have two young OT's ready to start in Import Jarvis Jones at LT and Canadian Pat Neufeld at RT. Leaves the possiblity that Janury could be avialble for a trade. Janury has been their rock on that Oline but....
There are also a couple of Canadian Ilineman who have not panned out in their current situation and will have new coaches in place so they could benefit by a change of scenery.