Bombers pay off Kelly?

...doesn't actually say they used 'money' to keep Kelly from suing the club....bananas maybe?...2010 Entertainment Book of coupons?...

Ha Ha. According to the Winnipeg Sun:

A CFL source close to Kelly told the Sun the payment is slightly less than a year’s salary — around $160,000.

I still laugh about them saying his firing had nothing to do with the domestic abuse incident... yeah, right. :lol:

Anyway, this is good news for Bombers fans. The Mike Kelly era is officially over, and now the team can move forward without any possible legal problems hanging over their heads.

So the question is where will Kelly surface?

....Likely back in Edmonton........ :lol:

I heard he was taking up Otis Floyd's offer to work at his car wash... :wink:

In a Pennsylvania Jail cell.

even though he was hated by everyone, i still hope he learned from the experience and he can show up soewhere else as a more mature football coach.

150k to get ride of this guy is a steal ! LOL!

Taleback, good thing the Riders didn't have to worry about criminals working in their front office !

Is it Labour Day already...? :o

It's a non-issue. It's been handled internally. It's already been discussed. Everything was done on napkins. :smiley:

Kelly's response to this thread and its originator?

"I had no control over that. I had no idea what that guy was doing. It was a rogue agent deal, a guy trying to make an impression. I applaud his enthusiasm but not his technique." :smiley: forgot to add....'what part of that don't you question please'..........................dead air :stuck_out_tongue:

If nothing else, Kelly gave us some great lines. :lol:

I'm gonna miss old Mike.I look back at last year with a grin. No matter who replaces him, it won't be as much fun! Winning more will sure help,though.