Bombers Overloaded And Auditioning Kickers and Punters

Wow we just release Serna and add Sakoda - No surprises there
Renaud is still our Punter!!
We just added Non Import Kicker Warren Kean and Non Import K/P Ryan Elaschuk and Non import K/P Justin Palardy!!

Let the competition begin!!

Sakoda is an Import, will he stick or will our ratio change? which means the team is looking at other changes!!

Kean is 26 Years Old and Last played in 2007 for the Esks in very little action was 3/4 in field goals with longest being 42 yards.

Don't know much about Elaschuk except he is young at 23 and is a Winnipeg Boy who played for the Edmonton Wildcats.

Palardy is only 22 and he was on someone's roster at the beginning of the year (remember the name) just can't remember who? The Cats kinda rings a bell!!

Just a feeling or thought but if the Bombers go with a NI Kicker i think the Bomber brass is looking to make more changes on the roster (could be a ratio move).

I know this is a VERY long shot but what if the Bomber's trade Renaud to say (Hamilton..LOL.. you guys want him) and go with ONE K/P, that would open up ONE NI roster spot and ONE impoert roster spot ...... hmmmm .....

Either way i think we WILL be seeing at least a couple of changes in the VERY NEAR future!!!

Punting isn't really a strong point for any of those guys, so I don't Renaud going anywhere at the moment.

But I do like that we can now free up that DI spot, maybe we see a dedicated KR or Bernard, either way it's win win.

Elaschuk was in Rider camp this spring (and given your apparent jones for all things Rider, that in itself should be enough) and look decent.

Renaud isn't going anywhere. He's the best punter in the league according to Lapo. We haven't had a punter who can handle the Winnipeg winds like he can since Cameron.

trade renaud? what the heck man, seriously.. u came on here at the start of the year, u said glenn will crap the bed, bombers will sweep the ticats, UNREALISTIC as it was i loved your enthusiasm. However, recently you have become very ish and after every loss, u look to make changes and blame players. ITS SICK. heres an idea, look in the mirror, ask yourself, WHAT THE HECK DO I KNOW ABOUT FOOTBALL.. NOTHING.

all the experts said expect us to struggle, all of em said it would be a rebuilding here, none of them predicted the amount of key injuries we have had and now u want to trade renaud? a canadian? soomething we are lacking and u want to trade OUR BEST CANADIAN? MAN, have some patience, thats the problem in wpg.. ppl are always so quick to jump on this organization, u seem to think that 1 year can fix what took 5 or 6 to destroy. IT CANT BE. our canadian talent is lacking and u want to trade our most talented canadian? whats next? trade doug brown? or ian logan? how about jeffers-harris, or jovon johnson.. lets just get rid of all the talented players we have cuz some dude on the internet says so.

Maaan, honestly, the discussions are good but.. iim done here for now. Its so predictable after a loss, its this guy sucks, that guy sucks, trade him, CHANGES ARE COMING this, blah blah blah

if pete and repeat were on a boat and pete fell off.... U KNOW WHO WOULD BE LEFT?

thats my take on bomber fans after a loss.

ppl on wondering why we dont use 2 rb's.. WE DID LAST YEAR AND THE FANS CRAPPED ON IT.. bring back this guy, bring back that guy.. stokes, shabazz, moreno... joe smith ive even seen mentioned. ITS JUST SICK. im ashamed to be a bomber fan. i really am and honestly, i dont need this site, i dont need any of this crap cuz thats all it really is.. a bunch of fans spewing crap.

I swear that all the fire this guy, cut that guy, trade that guy is worse than it was last year. :frowning:

Seriously take a pill killer, i DID NOT say we SHOULD trade Renaud, i just threw it out there as a thought, what is wrong with chatting about possability.

Killer If you are happy with the roster and coaching that is your choice, you are entitled to your opinion but i for one DO NOT like certain player's on the roster and i also feel there are better player's out there than the select FEW i pointed out. What is wrong with making a move and getting a better player? There is always room for improvement and if we make a change that would benefit the team and help us become more solid, than there is nothing wrong with throwing out the trash to improve the team IMMEDIATELY, not 2 games from now, not 5 games from now not close to the end of the season, not the off-season but RIGHT NOW. Like it or not and have patience, i can tell you that if you have patience with these player's i mentioned and there almost all vets i am not happy with, player's who should be playing better football with more urgancy, consistancy and heart, then you are blind and just asking for more dissapointment in the coming weeks.

You got rid of killer. Congratulations.

However, my guess is he's the author of as many lofty predictions in May and June as the rest of you.

Nothing wrong with Killer, he posts what he feels and i can tell in most of his posts that he has heart and passion for this game and this team like alot of others on here, at least he is a True Blue Fan not a fair weather fan and a bandwagon jumper like some people :roll: , just saying.

He probably is a diehard fan. He just doesn't know dick about football.

excuse me? because im sick of certain "fans" attitudes i dont know dick about football. gimme a break, i know it takes more than 7 games after a total rebuild pretty much to see what u got.

we lose 3 games by 12 points, if u count ralphs td against hamilton its 4 games by 16 points. we arent as bad as some think. it takes time and i just think ppl need to realize that. alot dont. im really disgusted with some peoples posts, i mean not so much on here, the other sites, ppl questing mack, lapo, the players. maaan, does wpg really have that many bandwagon fans?

i guess so and thats just sad. ppl act like we've sucked for years when 3 years ago with an over achieving team we were in the cup final with our backup qb and lost.. 2 years ago we made the playoffs and lost. last year we missed and ppl act like we have sucked for years. Its just ridiculous.

Hey, welcome back!

I agree with you Killer, you know the game as do I, you accused me of not knowing the game, which i just took with a grain of sand because i know you are posting out of passion for this team and this game. But understand this, don't get pi$$ed at me because i bring up the obvious. I for one am not quitting on this team, i for one am not blaming the whole damn team, i am not calling for everyone's head like other people and i know that we were heading into this year with practically a whole new team and i know it takes time to Gel. I am just sick of the same crap (mistakes) from the same player's over and over again, these mistakes cost us games and they are mistakes that a PRO football player being a rookie or vet should not make over and over again (easy dropped passes, poor coverage, missed tackles, dumb penalties), again let's hope LaPo has drilled it into these player's heads (every player) that these mistakes are easily corrected, have cost us games and should not be made over and over.

I am just saying, yes we have a bunch of new player's and this team has the ability to win when they play as a whole, these mistakes as a whole cost us games, i know this team is better than what we have seen, i know that our record should be better, i know that injuries have hurt us and that's all well and good BUT there is simply NO EXCUSE for the mistakes this team or certain player's has been making. Without blaming one or more player's this time i sure as hell hope the reciever's start making the easy catches, the defense as a whole covers better than they have been, i hope the players stop missing the easy tackles, i hope the team as a whole stop taking dumb penalties that are costing us precious field position every game and without signalling out certain player's and coaches (because we know who they are) IF we correct these stupid little mistakes as a team (player's coaches etc.) we will win football games!!