Bombers over the Tabbies..way to go Bombers..

Ya I know, they only faced the #2 QB of the Tabbies..
But we shut him down and the man behind him.
Milt,Kevin n roberts were great again..
Same goes for the rest of the Boys...
You Rock Bombers..

a huge win, on the road, against another division rival, 5 - 2 baby and 3 - 1 on the road this season, this team is for real folks.

Awesome game, and alot of positives to take out of this one.

Woo Bombers, damn i would have liked to see stegal get another touch down.. oh well

And no injuries!

Man is Glenn taking off with the ball this year....I don't remember him running like that last year :thup:

Sidenote: I do not like all the hits Stegall is taking, remember how he is usually hurt by PO's.....but I cannot believe he is still leading the league at his age! :rockin:

Thats fore sure Lebird, no injuries...
Milt might have a sore side..
But were leaving Steeltown..clean n ready for next week..

Hamilton's newpaper slogan read before last night's game aparently read: "I'd rather be 1-5 than live in Winnipeg"

They will just need a slight modification before next week's game in the Peg "I'd rather be 1-6 than live in Winnipeg"

Anyways, what's so great about living in Hamilton? Certainly not the football calibre.

Go Blue!

… and whats so good about living in Hamilton is right :lol: …we have really started to gell…the Bombers defence is a force…and if we keep bringing the offence to the same level…WOW…what a huge turn-around from the team of 05…i just hope we stay focused…and don’t start getting swelled heads…but it dosen’t hurt to have a little swagger…go BigBlue :thup: :rockin:

Great performance!

Total domianation!!

the refs of that game should be fired!

Fired for calling a great game, I don't think so...job well done refs.Oh ya,your cash will be in the Bank on Monday..

refs did a good job yesterday and guess who refed the esks game?

murray clarke!!!!


I thought the officiating for all 4 games wasn't an issue.

The way the Bombers are firing, I don't think it would have mattered whether Maas or the #2 guy (Eakins) played. Your defense is playing great and you have a balanced running and passing attack. By the end of the season if they keep this up, you might make a Kevin Glenn beleiver out of me yet!

Thumbs up to making you a beleiver, Bomber fans beleived in Kevin before the season started. So far so good, just as long as he protects the football, we stand a very good chance to win football games..