Bombers over the cap

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Not so bad considering we were heading into the season $450,000 over last spring...

At least it won't cost you your first round draft pick. That would have infuriated Bomber fans.

Kelly sure flushed a lot of Bomber money down the toilet.

Depends on what you're reading. If I'm reading the Free Press article correctly, he actually saved us a pile of money.

yup said it b4 in another thread but kelly deserves some credit for sure.. took a team that was 450k over the cap last spring, basically when he got here and got them to only be 45k over. thats not to shabby, we are a bonus paid to milt stegall away from being basically even with the cap (milt got a reported 40k bonus) other guys who received bonus money but did not play for us were glenn goodspeed and possibly tom canada, throw in the barrin simpson fiasco where barrin refused to go on ir meaning his salary counted for the time he was out. kelly did good and to state otherwise is really short sighted by alot of people.

fact is, kelly as vp/gm probably wasnt nearly as bad as kelly the coach. people can hate on kelly and i remember them whining cuz he cut lefors salary by 90k.. well imagine he didnt?

WE'D BE SCREWED but he did, sorry man 450k over the cap in the spring? thats on taman.. kelly did good to get us down to only about 45k over. still dont lose our pick so really who cares.

So Kelly's suddenly a hero because he cut salary?

A team that is over the cap should dominate. Did Winnipeg dominate, or come even close in that regard?

Clearly, a lot of players Kelly himself brought on board were also overpaid for what they contributed to the Bomber on-field effort last year.

No, no one's making Kelly into a hero.

All Killer is saying is that as a GM/VP, Kelly wasn't as bad as he was at coaching. And Killer is correct in that.

Uh, no...but he deserves credit from getting it down from the $450,000 over that Taman had rung up (probably mostly in deferrals from 2008, when Taman re-signed everyone at any cost after the 07 Cup loss...a strategy that failed miserably)

not saying he's a hero at all, just saying the guy deserves some major props as gm to get us down that much from where we were when he got here.. 450k over the cap when he got here man, how is that on mike kelly? bonus's paid out to glenn goodspeed canada stegall, the list im sure goes on and on IM SURE... these are contracts from the taman era..

milt with a 40 k bonus, didnt play a game..
canada with a bonus, didnt play a game...
goodspeed with a bonus, didnt play a game but if we released him, we wouldnt have gotten bowman (so that worked out nicely i think)
glenn with a bonus, didnt play a game.. released. <-- only dumb move was not releasing glenn prior to a bonus being paid out altho that bonus could have been due in january for all we know..

all these contracts were done by taman... its just a fact. kelly as vp/gm deserves credit for taking a team who was WAS WAS 450 K over the cap last spring and bringing them down to just under 45 k over this spring... bonus's to players who didnt play for us were the culprit and that is a result of 2008 management and contracts, not 2009.

.......OUCH.....but it could've been worse......I was really worried about that first round pic springing wings.... :oops:
I guess we get fined dollar for dollar and that the money goes into the league coffers....What a relief.....Now to set our sights on a quality draft pic... :thup:

Killer, I remember reading that the deferred payment Milt got was $50,000.

I think Milt was worth every penny he received and more but if that payment had been made in 2008 instead of deferred to 2009 then it's likely the Bombers would have been over the cap in 2008 instead of 2009.

Being over the cap is not really a huge issue at this point, Bombers cut enough salary off in the offseason to still be able to go after quality player's and the youth movement that LaPo is installing will help out as well, younger player's for less cash and let them earn the extra dollars with incentives for the player's who make the team in 2010.

It won't be hard to find suitable, younger and cheaper player's to fill the shoes of Lenny Walls, Gavin Walls and Barrin Simpson, i strongly believe we have the talent on the roster to fill these shoes already, we are thin at DB and that's all, Craver or Glover should be moved to DB.

Last spring the Bombers were $450,000 over the cap and were looking at a 2009 salary structure that saw $1.7 million in guaranteed money and $2.5 million in base salaries. But the trades of Kevin Glenn and Dan Goodspeed, among others, helped the club slice their potential cap hit down to the $44,787.
Wow, $1.7M in guaranteed money..........where's artie, I want him to see that. :D

I don't know why some are buying this 450k over the cap BS. Kelly has been proven time and time again to exagerate and fabricate the most INCREDIBLE stuff. I suspect every team goes in to camp with more "potential" wages than they can carry.

All Artie knows is Taman's team was UNDER cap in 2009, while The Professor's was OVER. 'Nuff said.

And Killer, you owe an apology on the Rider board for your "always over the SMS" bs post. But you won''ll rationalize this and cary on....

The article says a CFL source said the Bombers were $450,000 over the cap in the spring, not that Kelly said it.

Every team is probably way over in the spring, given that teams have 75 players under contract....

Good point.

I'd like to hear more about this before I'm prepared to pillory Taman.

people are just looking for reasons to defend taman and put theblame on kelly but its not the case.

it was mentioned in one of the articles that the cfl was aware of the 450k and even mentioned how the bombers now are on the right path basically.

i know some refuse to give mike kelly the coach any credit and rightfully so but mike kelly the vp/gm deserves credit whether some people like to admit it or not.

Its 1 thing to not like the guy, its another to just search for reasons to blame him when its obvious he had very little to do with the MESS that he inherited.. was taman really burnt out or did he know the JIG was up?