Bombers outlast Argos in Monday night thriller

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts were able to best the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in a Monday night matchup from BMO Field.

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Headline could read Bombers escape with points.

Far from a dominant performance. Plenty of reason to be concerned.

Hats off to Andrew Harris who showed he is not done. Unfortunate loss for the Argos.

"Argos snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory !"
T.O. D is good but B.T. coughed up the ball twice.too many times. Sure he looked good in fourth but after those int's ??? Harris is still a beast and for the most part T.O. O line handled Wpg rush well. I mean you can't totally stop Jefferson but they did in fourth.

We're a mere shadow of the team we were. Once we lost one of our best O-linemen and our starting weakside linebacker we had a problem Houston.

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And yet we are 4-0. Is it great football we are playing? Absolutely not! Does letting Harris walk look really bad right now? Yes! Are we still one of the top three teams (I honestly think top 2 but sure hometown bias) in the league? Yes

We need to improve the run game. Not a major threat at all. Offence needs to sustain long drives to keep our shut down d rested. Not a world beater like most of last year but definitely (right now anyway) a playoff team.

Thanks to the East we'll make the playoffs no matter what happens. I've already speculated that if things continue to deteriorate we might crawl into those playoffs as the crossover team.

The truly crazy part is that genius GM Kyle Walters might find enough patches before it's too late and we'll wind up winning our third Cup in Saskatchewan as an Eastern Club.

I'd say the D needs some help/better play calling on passing plays. Got burned in both zone and man to man coverage. If it was a QB who didn't stare at their receiver for a 10 count on every pass it could have been much much worse.

Exactly. Who knows how the season goes, but its almost a given that there will be a West crossover. I'd much rather earn the bye and play the WF at home, but would feel just fine crossing over too.
Like you said, I'm sure they're on the phones trying to find some help. Drew Dejarlais, are you out there??

The headline should read "bombers win despite refs and cfl's big push for Argos"
The Proulx crew need to go.
The ground CANNOT make you fumble. BS pi call after the big sack at the end just to keep them going

It was an expensive win for the Bombers. Kyrie Wilson out with achillies, and more injuries on a short week.

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