Bombers out of the running for Muamba

:thdn: ;;;;Another blow to this floundering franchise....Actually I don't blame him for wanting not to come anywhere near this train wreck....And another reason why fans are walking away from this team in droves...They'll be lucky to put 20 K in the stands at IGF as this club twists in the wind...very sad : :(

I would have loved to see him back like everyone else but price tag and need may have come into the decision for the Bombers as much as Muamba maybe not wanting to be here. I don't think Muamba didn't want to be here, he had an offer but he dragged out the process and chased around the CFL and still worked for NFL clubs. He was looking for the most money possible, didn't care where it was coming from. In the interim, Ian Wild was pretty quick to come back here after his NFL opportunity dried up, showed some loyalty to the ballclub, the city, and it's fans. Now with Bass, Wild, and an improving Hurl already at LB, there was less pressure and need to add another linebacker at such a high price, even if he's a really good one. That $200K/yr salary Muamba is getting may be better spent on trying to find a couple more impact players at other positions. In all honesty, if you look at the current roster and either Brett Jones or Ben Heenan were healthy and able to play right now, who makes the most sense to spend our money on - Jones/Heenan on the oline versus Muamba at LB? A better Olineman and a better RB would make more sense right now and better balance out the roster.

It sure would have been nice to get him but we were going to put out a lot of cash for the part of our game that has been the better part. We should take the money we saved to improve our Oline. That would make a huge difference.

Agreed, it would be to much money on an area that we aren’t that bad at.Way better to spend our money where it is needed.

IF Hurl continues to improve I will agree BUT we know that Henoc brought a high quality game and is a canuck and those positives make him a game changer...I'm pulling for Hurl now and I know O'Shea has got all kinds of confidence in him...Can he make us forget Muamba?....maybe.. :roll:

Interesting that the Als added another less heralded Muamba brother, a receiver, to their PR. Package deal?