Bombers or the Als?

Who we’d rather face in the semi’s?

Would rather face the al's, but it's gonna be the bombers.

id rather see the bombers, cuz i think it'll be a better game.

then, if the argos win the east finals, the home town team plays in thier grey cup game.

and if the bombers win, milt has a shot to go out on top.

theres no good story if the als make it to the grey cup.

bombers made it to toronto
now that we did we love the name underdogs
wpg 27 argos 19 final
oh yea we like the name underdogs better then being called hog-town
rember we come from WINNER-PEG this years grey cup city :rockin:

I think if anyone was the spoiler teams, it was Montreal.

With Bishop playing the he is, I don't see how Winnipeg can win.

any given sunday
may the best team win
and i pray the ref's do not say who will win
but beeing a hommer go blue :thup:

i know how. the fact that bishop ainit as a amazing as everyone thinks he is thats how the blue will win. last time he couldn't hit a reciever for the life of him.