Bombers or Rams?

has anyone notice that our new home jersey looks similar to the St louis rams? hehe just a coinincedence i guess :slight_smile:

yea, first thing i said when i saw the jerseys was " ah crap st.louis jerseys", i personally like the old ones better… call me old fashoned… haha get it? :slight_smile:

These new jerseys? Can’t stand em - can’t stand em - can’t STAND EM!
I didn’t think about the similarity with the Rams at first, but Stegalfan is right. Y’know what I’d like? Something similar to the Raiders - simple, tough, no nonsense and very Winnipeg.

looks like larry smith is finally going to get his wish: the cfl is to be a minor league system for football in the usa. these uniforms are just the next logical step.

I don’t know why that’s a bad thing oskee wee wee. Look at leagues like the American Hockey League, a farm league to the NHL. AHL still has some very entertaining games, in my opinion it’s much more exciting than the NHL also. IF CFL were to become a farm league to the NFL (Which I agree it’s getting close to being one) it still wouldn’t change the fact that the CFL on field product is much more exciting which I’m sure most CFL fans would agree with. NFL is paying CFL a lot of money and I think it’s safe to say that without the NFL the CFL wouldn’t be in the great position it’s in right now.

[quote=“Jeremy”]I donWhat is the No Fun League paying the CFL:???
If the CFL EVER became a farm league for the nfl, would the rules change? …and if they did, the league would disappear because most fans wouldn’t watch. This game is almost perfect and is played the way it ought to be played…by men that make reasonable salaries with rules designed to make the game exciting, not like that snooze-fest to the south of us…just MO… :!:

Guys … Guys …

I lived in Winnipeg almost my whole life … I moved to Calgary 2.5 years ago. Its time for the rest of the Winnipeggers to give up the whole Jets thing (really - its been 10 years). I swear… Every time i speak to a friend back in the Peg … someone’s giving me the latest scoop on when and why the Jets are coming back … Christ - there isn’t even an NHL right now - and you guys still think the Jets are coming back … please stop talking about them … I finally accepted it - so can you. However …

if it ever happens - i’ll move back!

As far as the jerseys are concerned … They’re alright. meh - are you going to stop cheering for the Bombers because you don’t like their jerseys?! who gives a sh!t!? Shuddap - just buy two, and like’em !!! or the Bombers will go away like the Jets … Hah …


Let the above quote be known as: Jets Comeback theory #43,213