Bombers open 14 point dogs

Marcel or Michael Bishop - whoever has a game plan that gets the ball moving on offense I don't care who. Just as long as Bishop isn't the one throwing the ball. :wink:

Bishop could move the ball...the question always was, where to?

....Bishops philosophy was...throw it where they ain't...He sure could fire that pigskin but accuracy was not in his repertoire :lol:

So Douglas officially will replace Boatman. Here's hoping Douglas, having been out for so long, brings some much needed passion to the line. Sims-Walker is on the roster but word is he's not likely to play so he'll probably end up on the 4 man.

Now THAT'S the SPIRIT! Considering that the home team always gets an edge......that's really not all that bad for a team sitting at 1 and 7 facing our 1rst place Riders. Always look at the bright side of life. Hoping for a good game from the Bombers - let's see some passion out there guys......'cause there is going to plenty from your opponents.