Bombers open 14 point dogs

Considering they lost 52-0 in Regina last year, that's not bad. We should come up with a drinking game to make this one more enjoyable; maybe take a shot every time the Bomber QB picks himself of the turf?

I'm getting too old to be drinking like that.

I hear ya...

Every time the team scores a TD. The whole city flickers their lights. You look outside you'll find out how many in the hood are fans :lol:

Yet another reason to own a Clapper.

lol, this is a great list, ... nking-game

  1. Drink for the duration of the kickoff. (The time the ball is in the air.)

  2. Drink every time your game is interrupted by a score update.

  3. Every time a team goes for it on fourth down…Drink twice.

  4. Drink at every first down conversion.

  5. You must drink for the duration of a punt return. If it is returned for a touchdown, finish your beer.

  6. Drink every time there’s a touchdown in the game you’re watching.

  7. When a kicker makes a field goal, drink 1 second for every 10 yards he made. (40 yards = 4 seconds).

  8. Drink when the camera pans to tailgating fans.

  9. Every time an injured player is carted off the field, drink your whole beer. (If he’s helped/limping off the field, drink half.)

  10. Drink every time you see someone painted with their shirt off.

  11. At the end of the first half, you must finish whatever is in your hands.

  12. Drink every time the camera zooms in on a girl you would bang.

  13. Every Time Lee Corso puts on a Mascot’s head…Drink.

  14. Drink when you hear Lou Holtz’s speech impediment.

  15. If a kicker misses a field goal, drink for 3 seconds.

  16. Drink when they pan to a coach yelling in slow motion.

  17. Every time they mention the SEC being the ‘Best conference’…Drink.

  18. Drink once for a fumble, twice for an interception.

  19. Drink Every time an announcer says the word ‘Twitter.’ Drink twice for ‘Facebook’.

  20. At the End of the Game, finish whatever is in your hand

  21. Just drink, it’s college football! You don’t need any other reason besides that.

I'd be out of booze by the end of the first quarter, which reminds me, need to stock up for the weekend!

.....We might not be in it from the get-go SOOOOOO I think we should open up our bag of tricks and try some entertaining plays....I liked the kick-off by DeAngelis that had the cats completely fooled...We need more of that stuff...Maybe we should unmothball the bomberooski...It could sure lighten the day a bit, if we're going to take the pounding everyone is expecting :roll: :slight_smile:GoBombers and stay loose...

Trick plays are great when you can execute them. Judging by the fake punt attempt earlier this year and pretty much everything the offense runs, doubt they could pull anything off properly anyway. Would be nice to see though, they've got nothing to lose at this point.

14 point underdogs...... we've got them right where we want them! :lol:

Great line. :lol:

Brings back a memory. Back when I paid attention to hockey, the Islanders became the 2nd team in NHL history to lose the first 3 games of a series, and then win the next 4. They moved on to face the Flyers, and after the Flyers won the first 3 games of that series, the Isles' coach or manager said "Now we've got them where we want them!" Sure enough, the Isles won the next 3 games, but sadly lost the 7th.

considering how things have gone lately? defense is asleep most of the first quarter, give up lots of points, offense gets its first 1st down of the game around the second quarter - probably be 14-17 points down by the end of the first Q. Yay optimism. Only way we can be within 14 points is if bad Durant comes out and the Riders play down to the level of their opponent which they do on occasion. Unfortunately they come out revved up for these labour day games.

Those odds makers are going to have to give me more than 14 points before I put any money on the Bombers, 28 at least.

It would be nice to at least avoid disaster and essentially giving the game away in the 1st Q for a change ! In a good year, we come apart at the seems in SK,never mind this being , one of the worst Bomber teams in history !

....The writing will be on the wall IF the riders put six up on their first possession...The Bombers seem to sag under that kind of start and it's happened too many times this season...Even if we lose, I want the green guys to know they've been in a football game, not playing tiddly winks...Hit em hard...hit em often....terminology my old vet dad used on a lot of occasions...It works... If nothing else.. for your own pride :rockin:

So is this the official Labour Day Game thread? Line up changes per the free press:

Goltz will start.
Watson back in the lineup for an injured Kohlert.
Aaron Kelly gets on the field right away, Doug Pierce off.
Boltus in as the 3rd QB, Buck off.

Max Hall is not 100% but could be by then, took a bunch of reps and I wouldn't be surprised to see him get in the game if Goltz struggles.

Sims-Walker is on the roster, haven't seen confirmation that he will be starting though. Peach is also on the roster and expected to play. I haven't seen any updates/confirmation on the practice changes made earlier this week - Douglas over Boatman the main one.

I doubt any bomber fan is expecting much from the bombers this wknd considering. The thing I'm interested to see is if the D can contain Sheets. They have been stingy against the run, but not sure if that is because of the D or because teams are passing at will and don't really need to push the run game. The riders do like to give Sheets the ball, especially in the 2nd half of games, so this should really test that part of the D more than the other teams we've played. It's probably the last part of the team that hasn't been a disappointment so far.

"Buck off".....that's what many of us have been saying for a while now! :smiley:

It would be somewhat ironic if the Bombers were to be the first team to intercept Durant this year considering how poor the linebackers/secondary have been. Thinking the Riders are likely to be over confidant in this game leading to a sub par performance. Unfortunately, the Bombers won't be able to take advantage but may keep this game closer than expected. Riders 38-20

Considering the status of both teams, A 38-20 loss doesn't sound that bad. Boy, it really hurt to say that !!! I'm still optimistic though.

Considering the gigantic 52-0 goose egg last year, getting a field goal and keeping the Riders under 40 points would be a success.

The Riders the last 2 weeks have played down to their opponents skill level. An underwhelming MTL team lost a number of starters and the Riders couldn't capitalize and had to rely on a miraculous last minute and a half to pull out the win. Last week they pick of Reilly twice and force 2 fumbles, and still only managed to eke out a 3 point win. Are they susceptible to a loss? I'm not so sure, in part because the blue have not been that great in this game in recent history and in part because I don't know if the offense can score enough and the D play tough enough to take advantage of any Rider struggles. Mainly, I'd just like to see the margin of victory be significantly less than 52 points this year. The banjo bowl game I think will be the bigger game. After last years debacle in Regina they lost a tight game they should've won 25-24. MB will have had a few weeks to initiate his changes and those should start paying some dividends for sure by then.

His name is Marcel. Careful with those initials; Michael Bishop is a recent memory. :roll: