Bombers obtain Willy

...Jade Etienne to Sask. for Willy just now....Guess we got plan B PLUS :lol:

Yay...well done Blue

Great move bombers. Young guy with loads of potential playing at a reasonable contract.
If they can land KG, they will suddenly have depth at the QB position.

Willy will still become an UFA on Tuesday unless the Bombers are able to come to terms with him before then.

A trade was not necessary as the Bombers are the only team in dire need of a starter and could have just waited until Feb. 11th without losing a NI receiver.
The Riders did well on this deal as they are getting a homegrown product for a player who was 5 days from flying the coop.

Hopefully the Bombers and Willy will strike a deal in the next few days.
Winnipeg fans deserve at least some good news to chew on.

Etienne is also a free agent in a few days, I believe.

....Willy has already been extended....Jade isn't... :wink:

Good for the Bombers. :thup:

personally, I was hoping the Cats would have signed Willy rather than Collaros.
Both have tremendous potential although I believe Willy to be the more accurate and methodical passer of the two.

Yeah Collaros is the Dunnigan type playmaker and Willy is more like Danny Mac.

The Collaros style of play is most definitely exciting, although prone to injury which scares the heck out of me.

RG3 keeps coming to mind...

Good move by the Bombers, Willy is a great up and coming QB in this league. As I said in a previous thread though, they need to sign/draft him some help of front and some play makers on the outside, they traded one to Saskatchewan (which I'm glad we have some non import depth no) Still to early too tell how things will pan out but I expect a "Mike Reilly" type year, he will make some great plays, and the Bombers will be in a lot of games until the dire end but I feel he will have his moments finishing with more INT's than TD's.

It's a win-win if both teams can get the guys signed.