Bombers O Line. Will Andre Douglas be Back after Labor Day?

With all the Joey Elliot hype and a bunch of starters now returning to the lineup there has not been much talk about the Offensive Line. Andre Douglas has been the starting LT for the 2010 and 2011 season. If he were able to return that would give the Bombers a much much improved O Line with he an January as Bookend Tackles.
Being unsure of the status I am coming here to ask some Bomber fans what the update is with Douglas and the Bomber O Line?

I could be wrong, but I think Andre is done for the year...

done for the season, possibly done as a bomber also.

Thanks that answer that. ashame that is a huge loss.
They really seem to have a whole at RT opposite January is there any talk about bringing someone in. Chris Patrick has just become available again from Saskatchewan. He always seems to play a solid RT for Edmonton last season then was with Toronto and traded to the Riders where he started in all three of there wins but always seems to get squeezed out due to the ratio

wouldnt surpise me to see patrick or a nfl cut brought up shortly.

Oline played pretty good lastnight. yes there where blown assignments, but for the most part Elliott had time for deep throws.

The O line did look pretty good last night. a lot may have to do with Elliot and his quick decision making. Instead of waiting to be sacked he quickly made a decision to find a running lane and gain positive yards. The O Line definitely still needs to improve but they did and still have a number of key injuries and in the beginning of the season Buck Pierce just held the ball way too long and really magnified the situationwith the O Line. Since Brink and now with Elliot especially they have made quick decisions and have minimized the focus on the O line.
They May be OK but from what I saw from Chris Patrick he really looked good at RT and the breakdowns seemed to be coming from the right side of the line.
At this point of the season you are not going to find any quality NI Offensive Lineman anywhere.
Patrick just seems to be a great option already in game shape, healthy, and his release was not performance based. Perhaps he has already had offers but may prefer to go back to the UFL for the remainder of the season.

...Douglas is done...Rumour has it we are looking at bringing in Chris Patrick who was cut by the riders and most likely an American :roll:

patrick would be an excellent addition and he is game ready to play a perfect bookend to January and will tighten up that right side of the line for both running or passing. With the UFL about to start camp i believe Virginia has his rights and would want him back for sure. Quite a few players have moved on to the CFL from the UFL last season and are secured on CFL rosters

Why would he be done as a Bomber?

because he's a import and quite frankly, isnt that good? i mean, i know everyone just loves every former bomber and current bomber but like fact is, he just wasnt very good.

i dont get some peoples fascination with certain players or coaches.. like are you related to them? because the fact is, as an import tackle,he should be one of the best import tackles in the league, with most teams using 2 american tackles really now.. well, i dont think douglas or january for that matter are even in the top 5.