Bombers/ New stadium opener June 27

....It's being reported by the local media, that the 2013 season will get underway June 27th....It's been a long time coming and I'm sure the Bomber faithful are eagerly anticipating the new surroundings.... :thup: :thup:

....Kirk Penton also 'tweeting' we will be opening June 27th. against Mont....which is a Thurs....hmmmm... :roll:

......Confirmed today by the Free Press....First game of the season for the Bombers in the new stadium will be against the Als...June 27 :thup:

. . . and, in keeping with our wedding anniversary tradition, Mrs MadJack and I will be in Winnipeg for this season opener!

Suggestions regarding where to stay, places to eat, etc. will be much appreciated.

Since you don't mention price range I'll go with higher end place since it's your anniversary.

If you want a romantic boutique hotel, there's Mariaggi's
For luxury hotels, The Fairmont or the Hotel Fort Garry

High end restaurants
529 Wellington

Been hearing lots of good things about Obby Khan's restaurant Shawarma Khan

Perhaps you can give us an idea of what type of restaurants you're interested in (ie price range, casual/fancy, ethnic/family, etc) and we can give suggestions.

Since it's a big day for you and Mrs Madjack,


restaurant ... urants.php

and of course, beers at papa's after :lol:

...Don't know if you're interested in this type of food MJ but...Dannys Whole Hog/1747 Ellice Ave. (fairly central) just opened...Buck Pierce is co-owner...Pretty heavy on the meat (mmmmm) and they also serve poutine...Give it a try... :thup:

I’m thinking that the visiting team normally stays at the Fairmont, can anyone confirm this?

As for meals, we’re very flexible, and since we’ll be there for 3 days, a variety of choices would be great so keep them coming gang.

That'd be great, but since he lives out in BC, I don't think it's do-able!

But we sure would like to set up a 'meet and greet' for Bomber posters that do live in Winnipeg (minus our old friends housedog and sanjay).

....Ya just never know when I'll be in town MJ...... :wink:..I think housedog and sanjay may be out front with placards saying..This Will Never Get Done'' , just wave :lol:

My bet is that Ivor Wynne Stadium 2 is rebuilt before the poor Bomber fans get in to their new home. Hoping for the best guys.

The stadium is finished :roll: :roll: and you won't fill yours any way when your garbage stadium is taped together and finished.

....don't know whether this guy is from the hammer or T.O.....but in either case they are what you might say...'facility challenged' ...Envy is just eating them up kasps.. :lol:

Another question. . . where is the best place in Winnipeg to buy some bomber gear, tshirts, jerseys, that sort of thing

The Bomber store just opened at the new stadium.

the only place is the stadium, the malls (St. Vital) had bombers stores, but when the Jets came back, Gonzo !!

Not true. River City Sports carries some merch, and I just found some nice bomber caps at sportcheck that I haven't seen at the bomber store. The best place for both quantity and choice though would be the new bomber store at the IG stadium site though.

Don't listen to this troll!! He has no clue. You can get Bomber stuff all over the place and at every mall. Its not like Southern Ontario.

I was just there, sure you can buy bombers stuff at joe's sports but not the same selection as the bombers store, when I went to the mall no more bombers store, has been replaced by the Jets Store !!

The bombers Store at the Stadium in nice though, Lots of stuff :thup: