Bombers need to do what others do!

In order for the bombers to beat Toronto on Sunday, they should move their offence like most other teams do to them. Glenn should throw the quick slant passes to his recievers and let them run for extra yardage themselves. Everytime another team plays against the bombers it seems like all of the recievers for the other team are always wide open. I think this is because the secondary is scared to get beat deep, so they back off way too much. The bombers offence should be able to demand that type of respect considering the amount of talent they have on offence, but it seems like the plays are too obvious to opposing defences.
I hope the bombers go in confident and play like they can and make the argos afraid of the offence for once.

Go Blue!!

Actually, I think they had the formula last time they played them. Just knockoff the turnovers and the receivers catch the damn ball this time.

In recent years, BC has the most success against Toronto. One way is to fight fire with fire. That is, defense and special teams.

Swing passes and screens to Roberts will slow down the pass rush and allow the BOMBERS to beet the Argos. Winnipeg doesn't have to worry about its defense. Glen will play mush better indoors this week.
Good down field coverage and staying away from penalties will help defeat them.
I'm hoping for a BOMBERS/Riders grey cup final! go getthem bomber.

Seems simple enough. Bombers will win if they follow your advice.

The Bombers will play the way they always do... Start slow, play tough D up the middle, scare us on special teams and then grind down the TO defense until they break and we get enough points to win. It's not pretty but it keeps you watching doesn't it?