Bombers need to do the following three things...

After watching the game tonight, they need to fix...

  1. Defence: what happened to the D that was unstoppable? the D that Toronto couldn't end get 3rd and inches on? Marshall got to fix that and make them as good as before.
  2. O line: Riders D ran over them and the either Glenn or Roberts, that's an old problem of the Bombers that we must fix and soon.
  3. Give Stegail the ball!: he hardly ever got the ball! Roberts is great, but he can't power though defenders like Stegail can, if we gave him the ball more tonight, I have no doubt that the game would have been closer then it was.

if we fix these things, we will beat the Riders next week, and have a good enough team to stop EE and make the playoffs. I don't see us catching up to Montreal or Toronto now, but we can still make it as long as we prevent EE from coming over to the east.

My take on the game:

It was very painfull to watch. KG wasn't looking pretty at all. I've never been a big fan of his, but after seeing the play of our backups the last 2 years, lets face it - he is what we have to work with. It could have been rust, but KK is right, the Oline did not do a very good job of protecting Glenn.

I'm really starting to not like Mike Gibson (Offensive Coordinator). Teams lately have been pulling out all kinds of trick plays, being creative. How can we not even find an open reciever? What really makes me steam is when the defence gives the offense a gift (turnovers, or feild position), and the offence repays them by going 2 and out. The only bright sides here were Thurman and McCord

The defence has to change something up. They are not the same unit as earlier in the year, when they were by far the most dominating D out there. Now my grandpa can run for 100 yards against them. they need to find a way to get the DLine back into getting at the QB, and making sure that they are TACKLING, not just diving at thin air. And what is with all the dropped interceptions? Samuels (who I love BTW) could have had 3 alone lastnight.

Overall the worst thing about these loses is the fact that Montreal is also playing just as bad if not worse. This was a golden chance to pass them in the standings, instead we let Toronto pass us, and now have to worry about the crossover. :x :x :x

The Bombers will need to stop the Sask running game, if they do that they can make a game of it, otherwise, more of the same.

I didnt think we did the crossover this year since their are only 4 teams in both east and west.

oh, it’s still on, much to the dismay of every non EE fan, however, I’m stil gald it’s on, and hopfully it will still be on after ten teams.