Bombers need the regs. back

....This team will not win anything with the second stringers playing right now....Ain't good enough....and a loss to a last place team....just proves....the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have a lot of work to do and WILL NOT GET THERE unless they have all of their regular guys playing...pathetic display against Hamilton.... :thdn: :oops:

some of the new guys looked pathetic covering the hamilton's tall receivers. There was more than one time when our rookie corners didnt even try to make a move on the ball!

....we have to play the leos next....if we are fielding the same the defensive secondary....the Bombers may as well stay home and mail them the 2 pts.....things could come of the rails in a helluva hurry.... :oops: :thdn:

it was quite pathetic

I wouldn't call it pathetic. Not your best game of the year certainly, but hardly pathetic. Roberts ran well, Glenn was on target all night. Just too many penalties, and an inspired performance by the Cats, particularly their defence and that raging bull Lumsden.

By the way, papa, notice how my prediction came true? You need help on the corners.

thanks for that madjack but there is only one thing positive from this loss and that there is a canadian that is the league's leading rusher...

not saying anything about our offence MadJack....they were at least competent...except when DimWittie had a receiver wide open on the goal line and he threw it at the turf....cripes...i coulda hit the guy ....and my arm is like a rubber band now... :lol: defence has got to get the first stringers back....otherwise we're in trouble.... :expressionless:

if this team had any momentum to take this another step up the ladder of success in this division ...and show the rest we 'could be' the best....i'm afraid reality has struck home after this loss......we ain't good enough....areas of concern......'special teams'...horrific.....'defensive backfield' it stands now ...pitiful....'back-up qb.'...non-existant....guess that's all she wrote.... :roll:

Hey papa, look at the bright side of things. We came out healthy which is a plus. Might have the guys back next week and best of all, we gave a whole lot of posters a chance to vent. Still, we were a disgrace on defence and it's the defence that wins Grey Cup.

The tone of the game was set when the Bombers tried to run up the score in the referee assisted win they got in Winnipeg last week. Then you coach makes some lamb ass comment that points between games are a tie breaker. Dah, the main tie breaker is going to be the record between the two teams, and let me tell you: CATS WILL WIN THREE OF FOUR.

go away defence, how was our game in winnipeg referee assisted, i dont remember 1 time when the refs made a bad call (except when glenn qb sneaked and got at least 1 yard over the line and they said he didnt get it). Its just because we have better and louder fans here in winnipeg that why you are mad, the fans threw the ti-cats off their game or maybe your saviour jesse lumsden didnt have a good game so since you whole team is shit you lost really bad.
after this game i think the right move was to kick a feild goal at the end last week because if you look at the score in hamilton we might need 3 points for the tie breaker so that just proves the ti-cat fans are dumb asses, well at least this 1 is.

...defense, you are boardering on trolling, take it to the main forum....

I agree, defense, stop your whining, we meet u two more times, and you think Hamilton will win both those games? LOL, you would be lucky to win one!!! Oh yeah Hamilton fans are a disgrace to the CFL!!

lmao its funny that when we list how many of our guys are injured in the secondary, defence goes ahead and says were making excuses

but then goes ahead and says the only reason his team sucks so much is because the refs dont like them and call everything against them

if your team didnt suck so much defence they wouldnt have to cheat to get a win..... and by cheat i mean with all the procedure calls, you know what they are trying to do? get a head start on our defensive line because they are getting their asses kicked on every play, or all the pass interfearence? thats because they are trying to make up for our recievers blowing by them every down

nice try though defence, keep the excuses coming

i dont know if its just me but i dont see defence on here much when the ticats are losing but when they start winning he starts trying to say the ticats are the best in the league, defence i think it would be best for you to hide in your ti cat forum with all the ridiculous hunger strike people

and wat makes u so sure the cats wont win one?

did we not kik ur asses last night

and yea i'll admit u guys beat us pretty badly last week

and how are we a disgrace? i can guarantee if the bombers went 3 out 4 years without making the playoffs and then in the next season started 0-5 their wouldnt be too many people at ur games

but us cat fans stick with our team

and u people r saying we would be no where without jesse lumsden

well would the bombers have as much success as they r without milt or charles? i dont think so

yeah sure ...that's why a smart business man like Asper is buying the team....and pushing to build a new stadium....cuz we don't have fan support... :roll: :lol:

...back to the topic...Daven Bush is returning to the secondary....and Malbrough was practising (don't know if he's suiting up against the leos though)... don't know about anyone else but i'm still a little apprehensive going against the leos with this beat-up secondary....Maas had a field day with it... hope Bucky doesn't...(if he's playing)...also ...did anyone notice that in the last game against Ham. that this Moreno guy ...who was calling signals for their 'd' ..seemed to know what we were going to do before Glenn took the snap...on a couple of occasions Moreno was sure enough Charlie got the ball...Do teams have our play-book or are we that predictable...i think its time to really mix things up against the leos on Fri....maybe try something totally out of the's hopin'.... :rockin:

Papa, don't get into that spin, we will beat the Lions and it will be the defense that gets it done.
Sometimes it's hard to gameplan a back-to- back when you're tired, not untalented.

I think the Lions can be beaten. The key to the game as I see it will be Winnipeg's O-line against the Lions' defensive line and linebackers. The Lions' pressure package is pretty impressive, so if the Bombers' O-line can do a good job and give Glenn time to make his reads, you have a good chance of winning; otherwise he'll end up on his butt or throw interceptions to those ball hawks they have in the secondary. So I think it's Winnipeg's O-line that will determine the outcome of this one.

…good insight MadJack…leos are huring a bit in the secondary as well…i believe a couple of their regs. are out…if Kevin is on his game he could give their secondary trouble…Brazzel is sitting this game out…and Franklin is in…a non-import i really like …give him a look …you’ll probably come to the same conclusion…ANYWAYS…nuff bout us

How do you think the Als. are going to fare against the Stumps tonight…I see the cowboys as being a little tired…real good teams should play through that…but they’ve had their problems this yr…I understand Watkins is back in for you guys…that should give A.C. a little more ammunition…good luck… :thup: