Bombers need new stadium to compete and erase debt

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers MUST build a new stadium in the next few years in order to generate enough revenue to:

A) FINALLY erase their debt


B) Compete with the big boys (Edmonton, Montreal)

Let's face it - you can't make money at Canad Inns Stadium. It's obsolete, old, and used 10 times a year at most. Few luxury suites. No restaurants. No "club" seating. How many suites are there anyways? 2? 3?

Even with the Grey Cup being in Winnipeg this year and an expected sellout will not erase our debt. Add in the fact we may have to financially assist the Renegades and it's not a pretty picture. And in 2007 it will be something else that will prevent us from making a dent in it.

I've heard people say "We don't need a new stadium... the old one isn't falling apart yet"... well should we wait until it IS falling apart?

Apparantly the "feasibility study" for a new stadium will be complete in the next 2 weeks. But they've been saying that for a year haven't they? The wheels sure do turn slow in Winnipeg for things like this!

So to conclude my rant, I honestly believe the only way the Bombers will win another Grey Cup and erase their debt is by all the money that can be generated from a brand new, state-of-the-art, made-for-CFL-football stadium. THEN we can lure the top players here. Money talks, and let's face it... Winnipeg isn't an ideal destination for most pro football players.

done everything you linked to, except buy the bumper sticker.

keep fighing the power mate


....I don't have an inferiority complex about the you guys seem to have...Winnipeg has always been a great city with regards to the sporting community.....recently the signing of a premiere player like Barrin Simpson would dispell fears of a great player coming here.....I grew up in the Peg when we were THE DESTINATION...for players.... especially the Bud Grant ..Leo Lewis yrs....Maybe times have changed and the respect we had as a league power has diminished a bit....but the HUGE SPIRIT we have with the athletes in this community are second to none....witness ....our great home-grown talent....So don't sell yourselves short...AND maybe the Jets will return....Internal and OUTSIDE forces contributed to that failing....but does not diminish us AT ALL AS A SPORTS DESTINATION.....We ARE world class....and yes a new facility would be great to add to the years of success WPG. has enjoyed....and definitely will help us to continue to be even greater...and yes it will also be nice to see the Grey Cup paraded down Wpg. streets again... :arrow: :wink:

Kanga: Right on! Spread the word

Papazoola: Great rant. I don't have an inferiority complex; I think Winnipeg deserves better than what it is- I'm not satisfied with "2nd best". If I had an inferiority complex about Winnipeg I'd be completely satisfied with what we have; I wouldn't believe we deserve better.

Winnipeg isn't a very good sports city though. Look at Calgary, which has NHL, WHL, and NLL in the Saddledome, and Edmonton, which will also soon have those 3 in Rexall Place... then Winnipeg, which only has minor-league hockey in our superior MTS Centre. The sports fans here deserve so much more!

Anyways, back the original topic. You simply cannot make money at Canad Inns Stadium... I love the Bombers but I really don't think we'll win another Grey Cup until our franchise starts making some BIG money- and the only way is with a new stadium that can generate the $ !

Sure, the Bombers look great "on paper" this year- but they have most years since 1990 (the last year they won the Cup). The results speak for themselves!

....well Jets.....I know you are probably too young to remember (i am assuming...and I KNOW YOU SHOULD NEVER DO THAT) but....I remember a Bomber team that finished with 2 wins one season....under Bud Grant....and the next year they we were in the Grey Cup.....things can turn around that fast in the take heart...I am hoping a new facility is built.... and the Jets do return.....and that could be just a matter of time... :wink:

actually the bombers have had many years where on paper they looked very bad since 1990. this year we do look respectable and the coaching is going to help but to say we have looked great since 90 is pure self denial. you are allowed to acknowledge the negatives ab out your team while still being a true blue fan you know. pretending problems don't exist does not help them go away. and a stadium is not the only piece of the puzzle to a winning team.

so why dont the just build the thing in the ex grounds already!? there wasting time

who are they to you. the bombers, aspers, politicians, bums on main, winnipeg enterprises. it is not like there is some billionaire with money burnign a hole in his pocket wanting to build a stadium as fast as possible.
what you call wasting time some people consider being fiscally responsible and well thought out.

...everthing worthwhile takes time.....reason why you don't jump into things is the situation they have in Ottawa... look at the .you don't rush into getting an owner.... and you don't rush into building mega-projects....simple.. :wink:

and since most of our general contractors who would build the thing, have since packed up and moved to Alberta or BC long ago, would need time to come back.........:slight_smile:..........just kidding papa & tank.......the NDP are not so bad...........and if they belly up some dough for this venture, unlike the PC when we needed a arena for the Jets, I just might be singing the praises of Mr. Do Do

It's a hard sell, could have a huge impact on Gary's future in provincial politics...
Seems like there is alot of peaple in Manitoba, that don't give a rats a$$ about a new football stadium.
Remember the idea back in eighties, build a casino in the new arena to help pay for construction costs.
Most politicians of the time, sniffed at it...and
Now a days, it could work,lets get first nation involved, build a casino, Football,And entertainment complex.
Where there is a will..there's a way...Bombers Rock..

4 reasons why the Bombers will make the playoffs in '06:

Milt Stegall
Charles Roberts
Albert Johnson III
Barin Simpson

Hey, what happen to all of Jetsin07 Return of the Jets stuff?

...FOR hfxtc (regard to new facility in Regina)....This is just some of the preliminary talk about a new venue in Winnipeg AND that was that post from 06 was quite prophetic on my part :lol: :lol:

Fixed it for you.... Sure amazing the fingers don't do what they're supposed to when you're older. Yeah, you were dead on and just to think it was six years ago. Did you ever think of going into finance?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Cool beans, thank the NDP for the $90M in bridge financing too or it’s still just talk.

Fixed it for you.... Sure amazing the fingers don't do what they're supposed to when you're older. Yeah, you were dead on and just to think it was six years ago. Did you ever think of going into finance?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

[/quote] that something to do with money :lol: ....My wife says i budget as well as the fed. govt. and that ain't too hot... So I'll stick to football prognostications.... AND thanx anyway LeBird for the consideration but i like the retirement chair too much :wink: