Bombers name Buck Pierce RB coach :cowboy:

Behind WPG’s O-line he learned a lot about, running, getting hit and getting tackled.

Well hopefully they have a backup RB coach in case Buck is knocked out from an unfortunate clipboard accident....

Geeez, I sure hope his insurance is paid up for standing on the sidelines this year, maybe he'll spend more time in the press box with a headset on?

Congratulations to Buck, I think this is just a way of easying the transition from player to coach and maybe one day QB coach or Offensive Coordinator?

:lol: LOL!!!!! :thup: Buckie might be the first assistant coach in league history who is required to wear a helmet on the sidelines. :lol:

Classy move by the Bummers. You know Pierce will put his heart and soul into this but RB coaches must be a dime a dozen. He lives there year-round and owns a restaurant there so this was his best option by far.

Glad it worked out for him.

An Argo-Cat fan

:lol: :lol: :lol: Just hope JJ doesn't tackle him by mistake!

Regardless - this is good for Buck, the Bombers and the league.