Bombers MUST carry two American Kickers!!!!!

It has never been done but the Bombers have to do it THEY HAVE NO CHOICE.... Dunkin donuts punted the ball 33 yards yesterday and then on his next punt he dropped the ball twice almost costing the Bombers the game.... Duncan Donuts has absoulutely no business in ANY CFL camp period.
Meanwhile the American punter did a very good Jon Ryan imitation.
The Bombers MUST do this because Berry's conservative style means the Bombers are punting sometimes over 10 times a game.
The big question is where to stick another Canadian.... Edwards,Armstrong and Stegall are a lock.... Maybe if Stegall is not ready right away the Bombers could put in a Canadian reciever.
Otherwise they'll have to find a DB or D lineman who is Canadian.
The other option is bringing Westwood back specificly to punt..... Duncan Donuts should be put on a flight out of town..... . Hope he can find his way home

Last year they used one Canadian. If they have an American kicker and an American punter, they'll have to have two more Canadian players at other positions than they did last year.

If you use an American, you should go with one guy doing both. If you need to use two players, they should both be Canadian.

Usually, if you only use one player, you have to make the decision: "Do we want a good kicker who's an average punter, or a good punter who's an average kicker?" Rarely can you find one person who is good at both.

And sorry, guys, Nick Setta's taken. :rockin: way we're using 2 Americans...unless you mean North Americans.. Blin. It would burn an import spot and i don't think the Bombers are gonna go down that road...O' Mahoney wasn't great at his first attempts in BluenGold....BUT if you look at the directional punting in the game ...he wasn't all that bad....Granted we can do without the dropped balls (must've been some grape juice on his palms lol) soooo I think Berry is going to go with him and that pleasant little surprize...Serna...and no Big Dave he ain't a Setta yet...but given time this little guy is going to fill-out the kicking game quite nicely... :wink:

...Just in....Bombers keep O' Mahoney and released punter Munroe....just to prove my point Blin...

The Eskimos just released a Canadian kicker..... I have no idea how good he is ....but ANYTHING is better then Duncan Donuts..... I swear.... if Duncan Donutrs plays for the bombers.....I'm going to turn my TV off everytime that pudgy useless @#$%^ leaves the bench.

What if the Bombers are down by 2, and there's only 5 seconds left in the fourth quarter?

the funniest thiong. out the 9 or so punts by duncan no'money his average was around 35 yard.s the 2 kicks by munroe averaged 52. yet he is the one we canned.

hence the point of this entire thread

So what's the diference ? 15 yards a kick..... Consider the Bombers punt 10 times a game..... THAT"S 150 FRICKIN YARDS.... It is worth an import spot is that important ....

as a kicker id have to say that you cant keep a guy who kicked twice with a high average. you have to think long term. so what if o'mahoney cant blast them over 50 yards? if hes kicking CONSISTANTLY 35-45 yards with a good hangtime and net, thats all you need.

what good is a 55 yard punt with 3 or under seconds of hangtime? suddenly that 55 yard kick turned into a mere 30 net yards.. (25 yard return) something you don't want.

then again i didnt see either of these guys during camp so maybe my opinion wont count as much.