Bombers Mourn Passing of Tyrone Jones

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Very, very sad in in Bomber land. An absolute legend has passed away today. Many fond memories of Ty, as he was one of my favorite Bombers as a kid. RIP.

...Condolences to Tys' family...He was one of the best Linebackers this team ever had...A great leader on the field...and a gentleman , off of it...the Bombers and their fans will always have fond memories of a great guy and player... :thup:

[url=] ... death.html[/url] tagged the wrong Tyrone and the wrong Jones.

Well, that’s really only fitting isn’t it? They covered his passing with the same level of professionalism and attention to detail that they covered his playing career…

Oh, and let this be a grim smack to the heads of all of you pining for CBC's return as a CFL broadcaster.

...the guys name should be Chuck Shoddy on that photo....don't they ever proof read anything ... :thdn:

I may get roasted for this, but didn’t Tyrone Jones wear 96 the year he was with BC ('93)? And is it possible Winnipeg had a quarterback wearing #17 that year? In which case, while the picture should be of him in a Bomber uniform, perhaps the photographer didn’t screw up? Just asking because I’m not sure.

...not going to roast you BigU...BUT...even if that were the case, don't you think a BETTER photo of the man wearing the uni of the team he actually starred with, would have been more appropriate.... :roll:

It certainly sounds like it from the article. Only 46... A shame.


edited - my screwup. Jones wore #99 for the Lions in 1993.

OR I could be completely wrong and it could be Tyrone Williams sacking Khari Jones. At least there would be a Tyrone and a Jones in the picture.

On a serious note though, my deepest sympathies to the Jones family. I hated him as a player because he always destroyed my beloved Rider quarterbacks but he deserved every accolade he got.

This is just a sad day for the CFL as a whole.


A shame, what a great player he was to watch.

Condolences to Jones' family and friends.

I remember him more as a BOmber comming into BC Place. He was the Leader of that Defense.

Far TOO young to go.

Condolences to the Jones family.

My all time favorite player he talked me into switching from being a Bombers fan to a Lions fan when he was with the Lions. RIP

He doesn't have to suffer anymore if there is a bright side to all of this, not that there ever could be a bright side to death. R.I.P.

I'm kinda miffed that only Bomber fans are allowed to mourn Tyrones death. What about his friends in Sask and BC? RIP Tyrone, you'll always be my hero! Hang in there family, he's not suffering anymore and he's in a better place now.


He was fun to watch, and a key part of a really good Bomber defense back in the '80's.

Who said only Bombers fans could mourn his death? :roll: