Bombers most likley to be in east this season

I can't wait to see the Blue back in the east. The west div and way more stronger then the east. It will be great to beat on some eastern teams again. I feel sorry for the Riders.

This would be great for Bomber fans and the new hatred for Skari-Skari from the Al's. The Blue always looked good in the East.

Don't get me wrong it's sad to see a team fold, But we all knew a team can't survive in Ottawa. Nuff said about that.

I just like the idea of showing the league that Toronto, Mont are not as good as people think.

well if every game was entertaining as the 51 - 46 bombers vs als game last year then, okay by me.......

Ummmm, if they are in the East......Who are they going to pass to get into the playoffs?

For your info, they play each team equally, with a few extra games against division rivals. So they are only trading 3 or 4 Western games for Eastern games

If the Gades were to be a real sad-sack team this year, then the Bombers in the East will make the league much more interesting IMO, I know I would rather see them more here in Hamilton rather than beating a team by 50 points or something.
And if anyone thinks 8 teams is bush, then you are calling the NHL bush for decades when they had 6 teams and the Stanley Cups won during those years as bush. No way this was the case at all.

Dude, if the Bombers get in the East, you will face another season without a playoff appearance. Barrin Sipmson can't turn a whole losing team around just by himself. Call the East weak all you want, the Bombers will be no match for MTL, TOR and HML....

Still, I don’t want to beat a team every time by 50 points if this would be the case. The Bombers will surely be better than this. But I really don’t think the league would allow the Gades to field a team that bad to be honest.

If Winnipeg plays in the east division this year, there's no reason to believe that they will finish higher than fourth.

Winnipeg has not made any changes that will put them above Montreal or Toronto. Hamilton had the same record as Winnipeg's last year, and improved far more than they did during this off-season.

Even if they finish with a better record than Saskatchewan, they still must beat out either B.C., Edmonton or Calgary to cross over. And while that's possible, it's not too likely.

well we will just have to see what happens wont we........I am looking forward to tight playoff races in both divisions and am not going to right off anyone at this time........

Bombers aren't going to the East, unless by cross over. It's a suspension were talking about here, not a folding.

Kanga. If Ottawa is suspended and no one comes in the East, there will be one division with 3 teams and one with five. Think. That's almost like granting a playoff berth to the Eastern teams right before they even played a game.

Winnipeg would have to move back East.

I dont follow your logic winnipeger
Last year the bombers 4-4 in the east. If they played 10 games against the east they would have finished 5-5. I'll give them 6-4 but even at that they would not have made the playoffs so I dont see how they will be beating up on the east!

lets try to stay positive for the rest of the off-season.talking about this gives me the creeps

I think you're right, the BB's will improve their finish this year if Ottawa goes under. They will finish fourth in the east instead of fifth in the west. :slight_smile:

Third... I thought you had more perception than sound like redandw05 the big stamp fan. who thinks the Bombers have been sleeping all winter.....heh. heh. are you in for a surprise.......IT dosen't matter where the Bombers play....we are going to be a lot of trouble for any don't count us out of the eastern playoff pic....its a long season... and we'll certainly make things interesting for ya.. :wink: .

That is still a much better record than they had against the west (1-9).

I can't see the bombers doing any better than 8-10.

I agree they have a better record in the east but that record would not have made the playoffs and it not like they would not have played the west

I'd rather see one 8-team division than two 4-team divisions, especially if Ottawa is planning on coming back in 2007 ...

But what I'd REALLY like to see is Ottawa in the League in 2006.

No look at 1995.

1995 was DEFINITELY a special case ... an exception, an oddity, an erroneous data point, and in any case, not something to be considered in this context ...