Bombers mentally tougher

The team just keeps putting in new parts, and finding ways to win. The Hamilton running game was dominant without Parker, but you can see that they battle through when the horses are given the bit between their teeth.

bjo, do you mean Jenkins (Parker) ?

Let's hope Berry doesn't make the same mistake, Jenkins will give Wake a run for rookie of the year, imo.

I loved the way Young and Jenkins punished Clermont (one of the most physical receivers in the league) all night long.

Kudos to the backups on defence for sure as well as Franklin and Levi. was nice to see. When we get Bean and AM3're gonna be something else on D.

Really impressed with Chijoke. He's a keeper for sure.

Love how this team never gives up...

Now, if we can just figure out how to play the whole game like we play the 4th quarter, we'll be in good shape...

Appologies... Of course I meant Jenkins.
Where's my meds?