Bombers may find some help on stamps practice roster

Currently Nathan Riva is now injured and he was simpson back up and a non import. The Stamps Currently have 2011 Draft pick Matt Walter on their practice roster. He is healthy as a horse has a lot of upside and played ahead of Anthony Woodson for most of their careers with the Dino's. They Also have 2012 draft pick LB Wilkerson DeSouza on the practice roster. both would add some much needed healthy young hungry players to their roster and to their Canadian content. The Stamps would have their hands tied as the really have no place for them on their 46 man roster or they both would most likely be there. Sometimes some small pickups can really help a team a lot. especially healthy young ones Canadian ones.

Isn't there an unwritten code among GM's that you don't raid PR players? Actually I think we were raided a couple years ago....forget who did it...maybe Edmonton or Montreal?

We are in a bind though, and for sure could also use an Oline-er

Well the rule is their to enable players to get onto a 46 man roster and it does happen. Im not talking about clearing out another teams practice roster but putting a player on the practice roster you take that chance. Although Walter and DeSouza are not O lineman they still will fit needs the stamps have. Carl Volney would be the best choice for the Bombers to back up Simpson and fills a non import spot. This was the plan last year but he went downn the same game as redi and has ot been healthy since. De Souza is also an excellent LB prospect at LB where the Stamps are loaded so it may be time to use the rule with all he injuries.
Calgary does have an O lineman on the PR but I do not know much about him and I think he is an import. They should start looking to the practice Rosters of other teams. The rule is there to get the layers a roster contract with roster pay. PR players get paid a lower salary. Injuries are so bad they need the healthy player and I really like both Walter RB and DeSouza LB will fill the nonimport content. Playes wh are that important are place on the IR and they are in need at both positions. I say go for it. Look what the Als did in the Peete situation he was placed on waivers with a promise he woud be added shortly but in the meantime he was not getting a paycheck the Als signed him to the 46 and then place him on the IR when they were able because he was injured

I can't see the Bombers claiming anyone off another team's PR now. Volny should be coming off the IR soon (possibly this week) which will help. Plus we have other players coming off the IR this week and there will likely be more coming off after the bye week so it would be difficult to find a roster spot for him.

You can't claim a guy. You have to make them an offer they are free to accept or refuse.

If Volney is finally 100% and ready to play then the bombers will be set but making offers to guys on other teams practice rosters to fill holes is what the rule is their for. Right now their is no room for an import RB on the 42 or the Bombers would have at least kept Bloi dei dorzen on the PR as he did show a lot of promise in preseson but was really thrown to the wolves to start the season as a starter with old buck at QB and the line.

that’s funny, because lol im pretty sure will ford is gonna dress friday as DI rb. he’s american. he has been on THE pr for a few weeks now too. He’s the guy who will dress friday if volny cant (and i doubt they risk it) go.

Di’s friday will be FORD,Washington and a Dlineman (Gilmore maybe) and honestly with the weather forecast calling for tornados hurricanes and some thunder and lightning,perhaps this is a good week to DI the american rb.

just sayin.

19 yanks on the roster right, 3 are DI'S right?


BEATS me who the 20 cdn's are tho.....

who would take rivas spot i guess? who takes matechuks spot if he's out.

Logan is hurt (not back this week), stephan is done for year, woodsoon done for year.

not sure exactly who those 20 cdns are really...

we dont have 20 healthy canadians, well we do but 2 of them are olineman (kowalczuk,dunn), you dont dress 7 olineman? that would be stupid.

volny? not ready i dont think.. ya dig? :wink:

if riva and matechuk are both out, we are seriously screwed if volny cant dress.

rb- pontbriand
ol-swiston,greaves,sorenson,morley. <-- not gonna dress more than that.

dl- thomas,kashama
db/s - browne, west.

k-palardy p-renaud ls-cvetty

who's the 20th..

its either volny,matechuk,riva or an extra olienman and thats silly.. volny may not be ready, matechuk and riva both hurt this week.. like seriously if one of those 3 (volny,matechuk,riva) cant go, our only option is to dress another olineman.

Considering by week is coming and a lot of those injuries are day to week. Its not a huge problem.

As of todays roster Volney is still on IR. Along with Logan. Volney if he can ever recover from last years injury would be nice to have backing up Simpson and being a non import.
The Kickers are both doing very good
watson being back is huge and hopefully
problah can begin to settle in he did make some plays last week with Brink at QB.
Brown, West, and when logan comes back makes them deep at Safety. Browne is good enough to start but Logan is just better. Logan is just of all star type of class Safety
Jake Thomas is one of those 2012 class rookies who are playing well in the D line sitation

Riva is the roster as of today as #3 running back behin a new import rookie.

Injuries every where are just kills them like many have mentioned thy may limp into the bye week but come out a lil different of a team. Hopefully with Brink an/or Elliot still at QB.

Ford will dress but at the expence of a import LB who normally dresses. Probably ot all that big a deal but just sayin. At least ford is healthy and 100% going into the game still does not answer who the 20th import will be they may have to go. they have 22 non imports on the depth chart and 21 imports along with the 3 QBs for the 46. Thats of just 10 secnds ago on the websight. Either they dress a non import that cant play or have already added a linman i did not look closely at the names. Their is curently on One non import on the PR OL Brendon Dunn and thei are only 6 total so they may have already brought a non import off the PR. Have to search and see who it is

Bomber players are starting to come back continuety with Brink Simpson watson and the rest is starting to show and they plan to attack Calivillo accrding to Hefney so look for some big plays and a lot of Hits on AC with an aggresive blitzing defense. Make Whitaker stay into block to pick up the Blitz along with Lovoi who has been involved in the O lining up at TE if they can. guarding against the sort game will take away the hot read on the Blitz and that three step drop may not be long enough for the deep recivers to get open. Sounds like a great D game plan