Bombers' Matthews stabbed in Winnipeg

Apparently he’s okay, but there are few details on what happened.

MaybeChris insulted the cook by asking for ketchup to put on his chateaubriand. Or else his wife caught him eyeing the waitress…


Well this is a Mexican restaurant in Winnipeg, so I don’t think the former was on the menu.

Maybe someone living in or near Winnipeg has more details?

And how does a reported stabbing turn into a mere puncture wound in the cover story? As if puncture wounds are common during fine dining and cocktails? Major BS on that

Perhaps then his wife is the really jealous type.


So he hasn’t been playing, and now he’s a distraction.

Looks like a bad pickup for the Bombers.

I’m reluctant to jump to any conclusions in this case. Downtown Winnipeg is populated by everything from Blue Bomber receivers to fiery cooks to jealous wives to government bureaucrats to crazed meth addicts I understand.


He’s contributed little to this point, but all that matters IMO is what he contributes towards the end of the year.

It’s a little premature to call him a distraction or a bad pick up.

Yeah, who knows exactly what happened. He could have stepped in to help somebody else and got poked for his efforts. It happens.

Yeah and who really cares what happened. Abounding speculation is so much more interesting and entertaining.

The incident took place at 2 am. I suppose he was having dinner before heading out to the singles nightlife.

Well I still say he should have headed over to the nearest Ukrainian Church for some good perogies instead.!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/original_780/gretzkyperogies.jpg


Well more than I care what happened or this thread would not exist.

It’s doubtful we get the real story though. I’d be interested to hear from someone in Winnipeg with connections.

And yes it’s fun to speculate including when they come out with the bogus cover story “a puncture wound, not a stabbing!”

Maybe this would be a good suggestion for Matthews’ next tattoo:

“Nothing good happens after midnight. Go home.”

Fine? Suspension?

Not sure the Bombers would notice.

The fact that no charges are forthcoming leads me to believe either he did it to himself, or he instigated the confrontation. Regardless of the seriousness of the injury, there would be assault charges otherwise.

Maybe we apply Occam’s Razor?

For example, perhaps it’s as simple as he was in an argument with his lady or girlfriend and in a fiery fit of anger, jealousy, or spite, she stabbed him with a fork.

That might explain the laughable attempt to sugar coat a reported stabbing with only a “puncture wound.”

It happens and they’d rather not let any such tale out for sake of at least the factor of embarrassment and it would not be a good look for the league even more in modern times.

Remember, Matthews is a former NFL player, where the norm is to hang out at the strip club until 5 a.m., and it’s a bonus night when you and your friends can stab a couple of guys to death. If you follow the Ray Lewis model, that’s how you win Super Bowls, get into the Hall of Fame, and land a phat network TV gig.

Maybe this is the CFL version of that. :wink:

As the twisted adage goes, 'this better to be stabbed in a restaurant with a fork than with a knife or spork. ???

Then at least in a Mexican restaurant perhaps you still can finish your flan for dessert and down another margarita before you call it quits for the year there.

And so likely does this tale die any day now yet shall live in Blue Bombers’ lore forever.