Bombers make trade with Calgary after game today

Romby Bryant and Arjei Franklin to Calgary. Titus Ryan, Jabarai Arthur and Odel Willis

The Calgary Stampeders acquired import receiver Romby Bryant, non-import receiver Arjei Franklin, a third-round pick in the 2010 Canadian Football League Draft and the rights to an undisclosed negotiation-list player in a trade with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Sunday.

In exchange, the Stamps parted with non-import receiver Jabari Arthur, import receiver Titus Ryan, defensive lineman Odell Willis and two 2010 draft picks (fourth and sixth rounds).

“Romby is a player we’ve been following for some time and we really like what he brings to the table,? said Stamps head coach/general manager John Hufnagel. “He has good speed, size and he has proven to be very productive in the CFL. Arjei is a good non-import receiver who also has shown he can produce at this level.

“With the addition of Charleston Hughes and Tearrius George, our numbers on the defensive line allowed us to make this move with Odell. Titus and Jabari are both good, young receivers with potential but with our situation, we need someone who can come in and play for us right away.?

Bryant, 29, is in his second CFL season and has 18 catches for 214 yards through 11 games. Last season, he led the Bombers with 1,205 yards and nine touchdowns on 65 receptions. He is six-foot-one, 191 pounds and spent four seasons in the National Football League before joining the Bombers. He is a product of Tulsa University.

Franklin, 27, has missed most of this season with an ankle injury and has five catches for 53 yards. He started all 18 regular-season games for Winnipeg in 2008 and had 49 catches for 566 yards and a touchdown. In 2007, he caught 36 passes for 452 yards. Franklin is five-foot-11, 192 pounds and is in his fourth CFL season out of University of Windsor.

Willis and Ryan were in their first season with Calgary, while Arthur was in his second season with the Stamps.

I'm stunned... Why would Winnipeg give up Romby Bryant? I know he's been having a bit of a slow season, but I think he showed last season what he's capable of. Wow... It looks to me like Calgary got the better end of this deal.

You could not have watched the game today. Calgary think Bryant can step in now and they get a proven Canadian receiver. In exchange they give up two excellent young receivers that were playing their options.

I like it. Bryant has been terrible all year and Franklin apparently wasn't going to resign this off season anyway. I think both teams come away from this better.

Calgary needed a receiver with Thelwell out for the year.. maybe a change of scenery will help Bryant out.. not sure why the Bombers took Willis.. defence is not their problem.

Well our pass rush has been pretty bad as well. Second worst team for sacks and very little pressure on QBs all year.

Bryant wanted out. I think that the parade OUT of Bomberland is only just starting. For years the 'Cats were the team that other players avoided... and left whenever they could. I honestly think that Winnipeg will be ostracized by free agents. It felt awful when this happened to Hamilton and made rebuilding extremely difficult.

Yeah, after listening to the panel discuss this trade, it sounds like it's a good deal for both sides.

Surprised Calgary brass pulled the trigger on this one...Bryant looked looked like s**t amateur. :thdn:

Arjei Franklin is the key player in this.

i had really enjoyed willis this year as a stamp. im sorta bummed. i was hoping they would get ralf in the trade. havin the two ralf brothers on the same southern alberta team woulda been cool.

Why did Bomber management give up on Geroy Simon many years ago? Ask Baur :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Because thy know their season is over so they'll dump players for the future "building" of the team.