Bombers make offer to Karikari

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The Winnipeg Blue Bombers will make their pitch to free agent safety Richard Karikari today.

Karikari, a non-import who was second in the CFL with nine interceptions last season while playing in Montreal, was exploring all NFL possibilities before turning his attention north of the border and is now ready to listen to offers.

He promised to give the Alouettes first crack at re-signing him, but the Bombers want his services badly and might try to pry him loose with substantial money.

"I just talked to his agent and told him we'd make our offer (today)," Bombers GM Brendan Taman said from Tampa, Fla., where he is attending NFL Europe training camp.

CHANGE OF HEART: Bashir Levingston has decided to stay with the Toronto Argonauts after all.

The electrifying kick returner, who balked at a pay cut for more than a month, has decided to accept a restructured contract offer from the Argos and is now willing to stay in Toronto for less pay.

He was scheduled to make $125,000 this season, including a $20,000 bonus which kicks in today. He asked for a trade or to be released after the Argos signed free-agent kick returner Keith Stokes away from the Bombers last week.

Take a pay cut

Winnipeg and several other teams expressed interest in trading for Levingston, but the team concentrated on convincing him to take a pay cut and appears to have been successful.

"I'd love to be back," he told Sun Media Monday. "(Toronto's) my home away from home. I've got a lot of great memories and moments."

The Bombers talked about a trade for Levingston, but only would have agreed to the deal if the player accepted a pay cut and the Argos agreed to eat part of his salary.

AROUND THE CFL: Former Bombers offensive lineman Dave Mudge has signed a two-year-plus-option contract extension with the Montreal Alouettes. Mudge was acquired from the Bombers for OL Aaron Fiacconi and future considerations last July ... The Montreal Gazette is reporting that non-import defensive back Davis Sanchez failed his physical and a recent trade with the Edmonton Eskimos could be nullified as a result. Sanchez, who tore his groin last October while with the Eskimos, was acquired for import DB Reggie Durden and import DT Robert Brown last month ... Speculation in Saskatchewan is receiver Elijah Thurmon may have overestimated his value on the open market, which is why he has not been signed as a free agent to this point ... The Ottawa Renegades have signed WR Sean Riley, a veteran of six Arena Football League seasons ... Even though they signed placekicker-punter Paul McCallum, the B.C. Lions aren't ready to cut bait on PK/P Duncan O'Mahony, who may be given a chance to handle punting chores exclusively.

o god plz tanman make a good offer, all bomber fans are begging that you make a super good offer that karkari cant refuse.

Our fingers are all crossed,

if he messes this one up, I will get on a plane to Winnipeg (or where ever he is at right now), go to his office and beat the heck out of him, serouisly!

I'll be banned from Winnipeg Stadium for life, but it will be worth it. :lol:

lock your door, Taman, cuz KK will be coming for ya! hey hey hey!...

....It looks like Taman is making a genuine attempt to sign R. Karikari.....his agent and Brendan talked for quite awhile yesterday...and reportedly there has been a substantial offer.....I think IF the Als. counter with a huge offer of their own... they may keep him....if not ...he will be deciding next Mon. where he wants to play....and that most likely will be with Winnipeg....go Bombers.... :slight_smile:

papa, I believe you just got yourselves a DB, because Jim Popp never gets into bidding wars.

Players considered too important to be lost are given the money and contract extension before their contract expire (like Calvillo or Chiu) When Popp lets a guy become a free agent, then money will definately not be thrown like crazy on the table to retain him. Popp is no big spender.

i hope your right 3rd and 10. what a big boost in our Defence that would be

...your loss Third....could be our gain....with the new sal. cap....I would bet a lot of teams are watching the big-contracts...good luck in holding on to Karikari.....if you don't....he sure will look good in Blue and Gold....... :wink:

Hey, we can't keep 'em all. I was certain to lose my favourite Alouette this winter (Anwar Stewart), but he signed a contract extension. Plus we got Ed Philion to stay with us three more years, secured Scott Flory, gave an extension to Brian Chiu, got a premium canadian corner in Davis Sanchez (hope he gets medical clearance), trashed the incapacitated Ted White...

We had a pretty good off-season. So shall we lose Karikari, it won't be a good thing, but it will be part of the game. I know you will make good use of him.

Not to mention, I always prefer to see teams that aren't the Argos nor the Eskimos get our good players.

And with the Cup in your backyard this year, you guys really need to build a contender. Can't miss the playoffs when you host the big show.

u forgot to mention dave mudge :smiley:

The lastest rumor is the RK will sign with Montreal and get a raise to boot. The cost though is Terry Vaughn.

you lost me there for a second red, is the cost of the raise to harikari, Terry Vaughn or is Vaughn the future considerations in the Mudge deal....

if calvillo becomes a free agent next year and if we have berry as a head coach still berry will be the bait to the bombers!

I believe Vaughn is going to be cut to allow the raise this is what I read at a fan website

.....ah, I remember when I had my first beer.......

.....would you have BBeen about 12?

r u drunk or wut?

........BB, take your hand and place it at eye level, fingers extended and palm flat out facing the ground.........then sweep it up over your forehead towards the back of your head and at the same time make a swooshing sound....

....calvillo is not a FA next year and even if he was rushing off to winterpeg is probably not realistic.....

Thats not how hte als work. First of all he is signed for a few years and second of all any key players on the als get signed to extension after extension before free agency even becomes an option. Calvillo will be in Montreal until he is useless

yeah uh redandwhite well i herd karkari is gunna sign with us :smiley: i read this on a fan website :?

anyone no whats going with karikari right now?