Bombers losing o-line coach Wylie

Big loss if reports are true. Bob Wylie is probably the 3rd most valuable coach on the bomber roster after head coach Mike O’Shea and OC Paul Lapolice. A stalwart OC vet, the 66 yr old Fluff Cowan dopple-ganger (Fluff the early caddy for Tiger Woods)

Not great news for the bombers - although I’m sure Wadzilla and Walters will sluff it off after paying quick tributes to Bob the Blob. Bombers are really challenged to find quality assistants as the word is out that Winnipeg is a death sentence where only the criminally insane go to coach or those on guaranteed contracts (like Plop, O’Shea & Hall)

Wonder whether they’ll reach out to Chris ‘Bluto’ Walby the bombers vaunted hall of fame OT. Bluto has all the talk and yap necessary to motivate but whether he has command of the necessary x’s and o’s that’s another matter. Probably not! I suspect they’ll reach out to one of the best OL coaches in CIAU (whoever that is) and try and rassle him free from his teaching tenure at that specific university) :cowboy:

What say u, Papa?

....Well there's always Marty Costello (alias Abbot) Wiley's asst. ..That's a bummer seeing Wiley heading south.... He'll be missed...We could start beating the bushes if we're not happy with Costello...Up to Lapo and Mike O now...

Now, if they could only get Bud Abbott to help Marty! :cowboy: