Bombers lose their best player

Bradbury has been blue and gold for the Bombers all season long.

Laundry list of bad penalties

While six penalties for 62 yards in a game aren’t very many, several of them had a palpable impact and counted for more than the yards attributed to them on the box score.

First was the aforementioned holding call that took the Stampeders from across midfield back to their own nine-yard line. Calgary would get a touchdown on the drive — one might even argue that a longer drive helped boost the confidence of the offence — but it still took 54 yards of field position away from the team early. A second holding call on a return would also take 26 yards away, moving them from the 41 all the way back to their own 15-yard line.

A 17-yard pass interference call on Jonathan Moxey moved Winnipeg into the red zone and led to a Nic Demski touchdown two plays later, while intentional grounding only added distance to a Rene Paredes field goal but the penalty most will still be talking about came late in the game. Guard Ryan Sceviour was flagged for holding on a play where Ka’Deem Carey secured a first down near midfield and the team was marched back with just 2:35 left to play.

“I didn’t see it,” said Stamps coach Dave Dickenson after the game. “I just hope it was a real hold. There is actually holding on tons of plays, every play, in fact, you can probably find it. I was a little disappointed in the discrepancy of the penalty numbers because I know they do have some offensive linemen that like to hold inside.’

“One play is never a game, but that was a critical, critical call.”

Dickenson would elect to punt after the play rather than attempting a third-down gamble in need of 12 yards. The Stampeders would not get the ball back for the remainder of the game.

More zebra talk

Another moment that drew the ire of Stamps fans and coaches was an early whistle on a Zach Collaros fumble that was originally ruled an incomplete pass. Both teams would attempt to collect the ball in the chaos, with Cameron Judge eventually picking it up.

Upon a Dickenson instigated review, the CFL Command Centre ruled that Judge had not recovered the ball fast enough to be considered a turnover and so the play was dead at the spot of the fumble. Winnipeg would kick a field goal as a result.

On the other side of the ball, the Bombers were flagged for one of the worst roughing-the-passer calls I’ve seen since two weeks ago when Judge hit Nathan Rourke on the final drive of the Calgary-B.C. game. It was the only penalty yards assessed against the Bombers on the night, as an earlier holding call was declined.

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