Bombers lose Hefney to NFL

And it begins... looks like the Bombers are the first casualty of the off-season. Jonathan Hefney signed with the Detroit Lions. If he thought things were bad in Winnipeg... :lol:

...I glanced at the TSN headline and thought it was BC he was headed to....Detroit, I suppose it's sort of like the NFL, loosely...

All the better to get a real shot and even though the Detroit Lions currently suck, you know he is signing for a heck of a pile more cash than he'd get in the CFL.

I wish Hef well but want him back.

im sometimes suprized what players the NFL poaches from the CFL. i honestly did not see that comming. should help the bombers get a head start on the second straight rebuilding season.

Apparently the HC of the Lions was familiar with Hefney from his college days. Schwartz was an assistant with the Titans when Hefney was playing college ball at Tennessee.