Bombers lose Gauthier, Picard; Sign tackle January

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Winnipeg bolstered its offensive line at Saskatchewan's expense by signing former Riders linemen Glenn January. The Bombers made the move out of necessity, though, after losing both Dominic Picard and Alexandre Gauthier.

Picard joined the Toronto Argonauts -- giving them depth at centre with veteran Chad Folk -- while Gauthier came to terms with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Actually if Khan can return to form and Koch resigns, a front five of January, LaBatte, Kahn, Koch and Goodspeed looks just as good or better to me than last years OL. Kelly makes a good point that Goodspeed at RT is their most important guy now with a left handed QB. What hurts losing Gauthier though is the ratio, the Bombers might be weakened at other positions finding those seven starting Canadians.'re right about the ratio....but Kelly has a plan to shore up with Canucks in another area... :wink:

I actually don't see much of a downside here. I'm happy with either Stephenson or Hargreaves seeing the field on a regular basis.

No, I agree Pigseye, I think we will be fine ratio wise. I really like Hargreaves so maybe this means he'll see the field a little more this year.

As for Koch, he isn't going to resign. Ed Tait had a little piece about him this morning and it basically said that resigning with the Bombers is out of the question.

...You know'....this is a guy who said he bled in Kenora and following the Bombers most of his life...Then when he got to play for the BigBlue...he thought he'd died and gone to heaven....My how things change....Good luck Koch wherever you were'nt THAT good ...I think that he'll miss the Peg more than they miss him ..too bad :roll:

haha quote of the day right here. I wonder if Wylie leaving as the coach affected these guys not resigning with us or not.