Bombers lose at home again!!!!!!!!!


Winnipeg lost again at home. Traditionally, teams that cannot win at home either do not make the playoffs or get knocked out early. I predict this will be the Bombers fate this season. Too bad , so sad.
Riders Rule
Bombers Drool


Troy Westwood should run for the leadership of the Liberal party!! His kicks are often wide to the left!!!!!!!!

The Don was at it again and the trick stuff turned out to be the deciding factor, good game.

it was a good game with alot of fan support with 28,000+ making it to the game. it was a good game by motnreal who played better.

TB, don't you see what's happening here? Winnipeg will more than likly be playing away most of the time in the playoffs, they almost have enough points to stop EE from CO over to the East, so they will make it, and win at their enemies home games, and make it to the Grey Cup, where they will play their very best and win like they did at Canada Day!

Bombers Rock!