Bombers lose $1.2M last season

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The Winnipeg Blue Bombers posted a $1.2-million loss in 2009, the community-owned CFL team revealed in its annual report Wednesday.

The financial loss comes after the club registered a profit of $761,000 in 2008.

According to the annual report, the Bombers experienced declines in game revenue (including season-ticket sales and game-day ticket sales), CFL revenue ($1,828,350 in '09 compared to 1,978,986 in '08) as well as club sponsorships, concessions, merchandise sales and interest income.

But a major factor that contributed to the loss was the $981,950 in severance costs it paid out.

However, the Bombers are still in good shape financially with a surplus of almost $3.9 million. That’s a far cry from the $5.5-million deficit the faced following the 2000 season.

Still, the 2009 season was a difficult one for Winnipeg, on and off the field.

The Blue Bombers posted a 7-11 record to finish third in the East Division and miss the CFL playoffs.

On Tuesday, the CFL announced Winnipeg had violated the league-mandated $4.2-million salary cap in 2009, the only team to do so.

Subsequently, the CFL fined the Bombers $44,687, which was the amount they had gone over the cap.

Traditionally, teams exceeding the cap have cited excessive injuries as the main reason why. But Bombers president Jim Bell said Tuesday his club simply paid too much guaranteed money to players who were either traded or released prior to the start of the '09 season.

Either way, Winnipeg still had to count the bonus money against its cap. Two such examples were offensive lineman Dan Goodspeed – given an $88,000 bonus prior to being dealt to Hamilton – and tailback Joe Smith, who received $40,000 before being cut prior to the start of the regular season.

Bell also said having a new head coach in Mike Kelly who tweaked the club’s roster and opted against going with players who had been paid upfront money also played a role in Winnipeg exceeding the cap.

well, you can pretty much blame Mike Kelly for this ( and the idiot who hired him )!

With this news I guess we should expect the usual the Brunt/Naylor expose, revealing how the CFL model is broken, the league should fold, opening the door for heightened NFL buzz in Toronto... :roll:

^So your saying that the Phoenix Coyotes lose 25-30 times more than the Winnipeg Blue Bombers?
Let's see how people are going to try to spin this one on how the CFL is a perpetual money loser.

And Winnipeg thinks they can support an NHL franchise?!

Apples and oranges.

Paying out over $980,000 in severance payments has nothing to do with fan support. If Steve Tyler hadn't fallen off that stage in the States and the Areosmith/ZZ Top concert had gone on as planned the Bombers likely would have posted a profit.

wow people are ignorant. no doubt blue blood, paying out 980 grand plus the cancelled concerts there.. no doubt.

its not like the bombers are in the hole, they have a surplus of 3.6 million or something along those lines thats with the 1.2 million in losses there... bombers are fine. just cuz u happen to have 1 year where u lose money due to ridiculous circumstances (ie firing the whole office staff really and doing it again this year) id suspect yeah some loss's.

comparing this to the nhl too.. Umm wpg gets like 15000 out for moose games every now and then, hamilton draws what? 2500 to a bulldogs game? sask cant even sellout the world juniors and like people are complaining that wpg wouldnt support a team? LOL maaan.

the perception amongst the morons to the east hasnt changed regarding winnipeg. us people living here tho now what its all about.

The Als lost a first pick in the draft- Winnipeg should have this penalty also. Whats Good for the Goose is also good for the gander. I

I'm pretty sure Montreal lost a pick because they went way, WAY over the cap.

Montreal was 107 000.00 over the cap

The rule is up to $100,000 over is a dollar for dollar fine. $100,001 - $300,000 over is a two dollar for one dollar fine plus the loss of a 1st round.

The Blue Bombers have been one of the WORST run sports franchises in the last 20 years.

Can someone name ONE good thing about “community ownership”?!?! We need a new owner ASAP. Bauer leaving was just step 1.

The stadium is a dump. The Bombers haven’t won a Grey Cup in 20 years (in an 8 team league). The team is horribly run.

I’m amazed anyone shows up at games, to be honest…

community ownership over Bernard Glieberman, Horn Chen, Sherwood Schwartz

The Riders and the Eskimos seem to be doing okay for community-owned teams...

The problem is not the community ownership, its management... The next private owner, Asper isn't off to a great start...His 90 million dollars of private investment is now 90 million dollars of tax payers money with a promise to pay with no real means of enforcement....

.....the question is ???? will you show-up at the new know the one you keep saying won't be built :lol: HOWEVER if you do decide to attend and support the Bombers, maybe the last 20 years will be just a bad memory and might not have occurred ,with a little more positive support from people such as yourself...What da ya say.... :smiley: