bOMBERS LOOKING ORDINARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has the lustre of the Bombers faded into autumn???
The bombers have looked very ordinary the last few weeks. Is trouble brewing in Winnipeg????? Glen is coming down from the stratosphere faster than the Wizard of Oz's hot air baloon! :cowboy:

Im not worried. They got the job done tonite, Defence has been playing great.

Look for them to pull it all together next week against BC.

I could care less how ordinary the Bombers look so long as we keep winning the close ones. The win tonight puts us in great position in the East.

I for one am concerned a little. Glenn does not look the same pre-injury. The Oline does not look the same either. What's the word on Sheridan? Losing him would be a big loss, at least he walked off on his own. I'm looking foreward to the game against BC next week, but I would much rather haved played them 3 weeks ago when we were firing on all clyinders. A win against the Lions, and the confidence is back!

Bombers are still a good team. Credit has to go to the Ticats. Bombers found a way to win the close game.

Ticats almost beat the Lions earlier in the season. Just because it was close, doesn't mean the Bombers aren't good.

It's the CFL and anything can happen. A win is a win, whether it's by 1 or by a 100

That is true, close wins build character too, but I just don't see the dominace that there was just a few weeks ago. Although that pick by Bolden sealed the game. That was worth signing him right there!

haha, Bombers looking ordinary?

what about Sask and their 3 game losing streak.
How about Edmonton and Calgary losing their starters.
Will Ray + Calvillo + Burris return to their respective teams in playing form?

Who is so short sighted to think that Glenn was the problem tonight? that says someone didn't watch the game. if you looked a lil closer you will notice that Glenn was suffering from Drops, mass drops.

2 TD's in the endzone dropped, atleast 3 if not 4 first down passes dropped.

Glenn should have been atleast 15+ of 30 for 240 yards + 2 TD passes.
But the only reason Glenn didn't have much better/higher numbers this week was the wind, something fans watching on TV don't understand(but you think one would notice it when watching the punting games)

That wind stopped alot of great passes from Glenn from turning into TD's.

one to franklin sailed just out of reach that would have been atleast 30 yards, one to Edwards got held up which would have lead him into the endzone, the list goes on. it happens.

Last I checked Bishop had a rather bad night against Edmonton and why did that happen?
Skydome has no wind, not alternate conditions to the game and Edmontons Defence isn't an elite outfit.

Also Glenn is healthy(a rather unique thing for CFL starters right now)
4 CFL starters are healthy right now(Glenn, Joseph, AC and Bishop) sounds pretty nice. lol.

also Bombers have a 5 point lead on first place right now meaning if they win 3 games they are locked, but they are also locked if they win their last two games.
They are also locked if TO or MTL lose 3 games.

considering the bombers have something like 7-8 guys injured(and not playing), including atleast 2 Defencive Starters with many other guys knicked up(like most teams) the blue will get that first place buy and invite an east coast team to Winnipeg to battle it out in the snow.

**but the blue won't get first place you say? 2 games vs. Calgary, Burris has like 13 days to get healthy or the bombers will walk over Calgary even if they start Dinwiddie. Sankey is the only QB is Calgary who is healthy and could be a good CFL QB but 13-14 days(+1 game) to learn an offence and develop chemistry? ha.
same goes for the next game.

2 nice games to let Glenn sit on the bench, heal up and watch a CFL defence, study what their doing and get a leg up that way.

…anyone who thinks the Cats are easy pickings…better think again… or they’ll walk away with the 2pts…Hamilton gets tougher every time out…and as far as performance in the game…i think the wind affected both teams…the Bombers just a little less…could have gone either way… :wink:

Its pretty much locked now!

To make it simpler any combination of Wpg wins and Tor/Mtl loses totaling 3 gives Wpg first place.

Winnipeg will be hard to catch for first place now that Burris is out. If Burris can make it back for the Winnipeg at Calgary game the Argos have a chance to catch the bombers...if not Winnipeg gets a home playoff game. Good for them, they deserve something after all these years of also rans. But the Argos will still blow them out when everybody plays for keeps in the final.
Sounds like another long cold winter in Winnipeg. :twisted:

Bring it on! :twisted:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

its always a long cold winter in the winterpeg. but we take it for what it is. ya the argos are strong but not even they have proved themselves. ya they have beaten us on a really poorly played game which we brough to a respectable 8 points, and we beat them in a last drive effort. the bombers last week went in flat and haven;t broken it yet. so we hit a slump, they will be back. no1 on the team will settle for anythign less the champions.

Quit trying so hard.

Real contenders dont drop 3 straight.


Contenders can drop three straight just as easily as contenders can be winless in three earlier this season…

I think I understand this riddle. :lol:

But I would much rather my team lost three straight early in the season then during the stretch run after labour day. That's when the real football is played. :stuck_out_tongue: