Bombers Looking good Vs The Boatmen..

Man The Bombers D is Tough...
I Think where Playing 3rd vs the Boat Men...

yup an simpson is the anchor the've waited needed to look so good., we r dumb for not picking him up

WOW ! The NEW Bomber Coaching Staff must feel very FORTUNATE their team has GELLED in such a short span of time.

I guess those FOOTBALL COACHES never heard of a 5 year plan ...


Barrin Simpson had his pick of teams in the CFL.

We bid for him ,as did Hog town,he chose Winnipeg and is a big reason as well as G Marshall ,D Coordinator that they are doing well.

Gotta give QB Glenn credit and Milt Stegal is carrying their O ,what a leader! :thup:

Argos are missing #2 Fletcher at outside linebacker,he's a force ,but not playing,not to mention Damon.
Did you see Damon talking to the recievers about adjustments in the second half,he makes them himself.

Tony Miles was also missing ,you know the great reciever that we gave to Argos to get Joe Montford back after he left us ,%$#!!!! :cowboy:

I was at the game. I enjoyed it immensely :smiley: Had a great time razzing blue team fans at the tailgate and during and after the game too. I don't think it was that the Peg looked so good, but more that the blue team looked so bad :wink: Credit to Winnipeg's D though.

Yes ,but add Fletcher;Miles and Allen and you have a different game.

Yes, But add Warner, Childs, and Omar Evans our top CB and we would have beat them by more.

good on ya Pokeys :thup:

Got to give it OLD #85 He Still has it..
Wish he could should our WR how to Grab the pigskin.