Bombers @ Lions

A buddy came up with a ticket for the game tonight so I guess I'm going. Great to see my Big Blue in person as it doesn't happen much anymore but expecting little in the way of success for my team.

Told my pal the only way I'd agree to go to the game was if we met at some of the great little brew pubs close to the stadium at 5pm (k/o 7pm) so at least I can say I had some great beers that were vaguely associated with the game itself.

Thanks goodness I'm old enough to remember the glory years of the 80's...this may be a painful night.

Just realized there's a Canucks game as well....better make it 4pm start at the bar....

Don’t write them off so fast. BC had the next best thing to a bye last week, the Riders. Their rookie QB had a good game but a peewee QB could shine against them right now. Bombers are coming off back to back close losses to the 2 best teams in the league. They just might catch BC a little over confident and pull one out.

From your e-lips to god’s e-ears.

Regardless, I plan on being well oiled by the time I walk in the doors at BC Place…quality and price of ales inside isn’t great. Hoping perhaps Labatt’s purchase of Mill Street this week allows a wider variety of beer into sports palaces across our great nation. It’s really sad when a Stella is the only non Bud Lite option.

Well what can I say but it sounds like you got the right idea !!!Have a Fun Night :slight_smile:

After the Stamps - Esks snooze bowl, the Lions are providing the entertainment.

Go Lions Go

It's looks like a near full crowd tonight. Has Jennings reignited interest in this team?

I miss punters like lui and ozzy who could often sense when they were going to be blocked and had the sense to pull it down, sidestep, then kick.

I really have liked Schultz for a long time now, but maybe he might want to rethink his over the top comment of how good he thinks the lions now are.

The bombers kicking game killed them last game, this game their winning it for them . :rockin:

I am not surprised. anybody??

Not surprised. Bombers won a game with some luck but struggled with offensive TD’s and BC didn’t react to their tricks that we all saw coming.

On the up side, Jennings is the new BC QB to take them forward.

All we needed was a new kicker :lol:

Good on the Bombers for the win. Hope they can squeak into the playoffs. Winnipeg is long overdue IMO.

First, tank job by the Lions.

Just like the Tor game , great first half, tank in the second.

Jennings hot / cold. Not all his fault. O-line problems and receivers out of position.

Second , credit to the Bombers. Worked hard and took advantage of the Lions mistakes.

Also, O’Shea clearly out coached Tedford.

The Lions just did not loose this game.

They may have ruined their play off chances.

Their remaining games are tough, and not sure if they will win another game.

BCL *******@ EDM ( L ) -Ham ( L ) - @ Tor ( L ) -Cal ( L ) = 5 wins

WPG ******@ Ott ( L ) -Ott ( W ) - Tor ( L ) TIE BREAK WIN over BC if needed. = 6 wins

MTL ******* - Tor ( W ) - Ham ( L ) @ Tor ( L ) @ Edm ( L ) -Sas ( W ) = 7 wins

Of coarse, this season my predictions have mostly ended up as the opposite.

Phantom penalty on left tackle Draheim to negate a huge gain for Burnham in the 4th quarter
Fake punt and the Bomber player's knee was clearly down on the 40 when he had to get to the 39
An obvious pick play against Ryan Phillips on the Bombers' late touchdown wasn't called

Congratulations to the Bombers, but I think Proulx and his crew seemed determined to make amends for the blown call a couple of weeks against Calgary.

Man, I agree with what looked like a pick play on Phillips. That Winnipeg 3rd and what was it 17? That was brutal. BRUTAL! What were the Lions doing, sleeping? I bet they didn’t expect it. Was his knee down on the 40? It didn’t look like to me but it was not down on the 39 either which gave them the 1st down. The thing is the Bombers gambled again on 3rd and 7. And won!!

Can’t remember the phantom penalty on Draheim. All I know is I lamented for an hour after the game wondering what just happened.

This game was Lions to win. They blew it as far as I’m concerned.

What the heck is wrong with Leone these days. He cannot seem to kick a 32 yard convert anymore. And he had punts almost blocked twice. For crying out loud!
Now look who they are up against in the next couple of weeks. Wonderful!

Sour grapes on the menu tonight.?

That's exactly the retort I was expecting from an Edmonton fan that lives on the Lower Mainland and hates the Lions. It's always the fans living in another team's city that seem the most bitter against the home team. :roll:

I think your mistaken, I’m not bitter against the Lions in fact I have supported them for a long long time. I’m just tired of when my team loses its always the officiating and some conspiracy theory. That’s all.