After another tough loss to the Riders, the Bombers (6-5) will make their way to the west coast to face the Lions (6-4) on Saturday night. With Lulay and Durant both likely out for the season, the Bombers playoff chances have improved slightly despite their recent losses and can take the season series versus the Lions with a win. The Vegas line has the Lions favoured by 7 1/2, which seems incredibly high considering the Bombers have already beaten them this year (in BC, no less) and the two teams are tied in the standings. TAKE THE POINTS! :smiley:

O'Shea said Vega is out for a few weeks and Wild is back practicing and may play on Saturday.

Also sounds like there's a decision being made between playing Kromah versus Kuale if Wild is good go to as only 1 will stick on the roster.

Curious which of the new DL will step into Vega's spot. Moseley, Booker? Is the Gibson guy we got in exchange for Suber even here yet?

What are the chances we have a clean sheet finally on special teams? Heading into the season I would've pegged special teams as the least of our worries and yet here we are, week after week, one or two gaffes that directly lead to points and end up factoring into the margin of the loss.

Should be an interesting game, Lions coming off a pretty dismal performance in Ottawa last week. The Lions have been kind of erratic this year.

Well, looks like probably not Willie Moseley

Ed Tait@WFPEdTait #Bombers new DE Willie Mosleley just went down in a heap. Walking off now; looked like knee #bn
Ed Tait ?@WFPEdTait 2m

#Bombers Mike O’Shea also said Paddy Neufeld, Ian Wild and Matthias Goossen will be another week before they return. #bn

Ed Tait ?@WFPEdTait 4m

#Bombers DL Zach Anderson and Willie Moseley go down in practice. Moseley will be fine, Anderson is a ‘wait and see’ – Mike O’Shea. #bn

Was really hoping Wild would be back for the game. Cory Watson didn't practice today either; whether he's injured again or was just held out for "maintenance" is unknown.

......Anderson done for the year with a torn mcl.....Injuries certainly taking their toll this year.... :thdn: ...Last man standing in 2014 will take it all I guess :thdn:

With the Lions o-line struggling so much this year, maybe the Bomber injuries along the d-line won’t prove to be fatal. Let’s hope nobody gets injured in the walkthrough!

Depth chart is up for tomorrow nights game. Changes include:

Newly signed Ameet Pall takes the injured Cornell's spot.

Booker is listed as the starter in Vegas spot.

Moseley takes Anderson's spot on the active roster. Wonder if he becomes one of the 2 gameday inactives after reading that he wasn't getting many reps in practice.

Donovan Alexander comes onto the active roster, Paris Cotton was moved to the PR. Evidently he's not pleased and his agent is looking around to try get other teams interested. I could see Ottawa take an interest after losing Chevon Walker for the year.

....Cotton being given a pr role was bound to happen, after witnessing some of his real game performances...He didn't live up to the play he had in tc and actually has regressed...Hate to say it but the guy looks like a bust...As far as the game on the coast goes, we have to get Glenn rattled and get him to run...It looked like he really got dinged in the leos last game at home, when they had to insert Lulay and I don't think he's a 100 percent...I think the lions are hiding that fact and putting a lot of pressure on him early could prove to be a positive for us...Time to get back on the winning track ...This game is a biggie.. :cowboy:

Interesting news out of BC. After having their own issues on the Oline and making a number of changes in personnel this week, Andrew Harris offers up this bulletin board material:

There may come a time when the chest-bumping stops and the B.C. Lions quit making proclamations before big games at B.C. Place Stadium, but the one made by Andrew Harris Thursday was nothing more than peer motivation in its purest form.

Sensing his offensive line needed of a boost beyond the massive playoff implications already at stake against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, the tailback said the goal during Saturday’s CFL game for the Lions is to rush for 250 yards.

A lot of talk from a guy who hasn't broken 20 yards for a game in the last 2 weeks and didn't even get to 50 against us in our last meeting. For sure our run D has fallen off since that meeting. We're averaging 125 yards rushing/game against and all the changes on the Dline necessitated by injuries this week may not help. Maybe they will with Booker getting to go up against a rookie LT drawing in for BC. Despite all the rushing yards, that is not the only reason we've been losing. For instance, the first loss to the Riders 5 weeks ago when Messam ran all over us the D gave up 0 passing and 0 rushing TDs. All the Riders scoring was a pic 6, fumble recovery for TD, 3 FGs and a single on one of 2 misses. In the Banjo they gave up big yards to Allen, struggled to handle Messam again on his limited carries, and gave up around 200 yards on the ground in all, the Riders had only 1 offensive TD. And as bad as our run defense was vs the Argos, we were still torched by Ray for almost 300 yards and 4 passing TDs.

7 INTs for Willy over the last 5 weeks plus 2 lost fumbles on the way to a 1-4 record, his one clean sheet was the loss in Toronto. In only 2 of our 5 losses has the D given up a lot of points. In 2 of our losses they gave up 1 offensive TD, the fifth loss there were no TDs. Those 3 games are ones we should win but end up losing on the backs of offensive turnovers and special teams mistakes. We've shown we can overcome giving up penalty yards early in the season, but we can't win when our offense and special teams give up points. IMO those mistakes continue to be our keys to winning or losing.

I can't stand these in game interviews. To me it takes away from the game. It should be done at half time.

Bye week couldn't have come at a better time. Hopefully it's enough time for Willy to recover. I don't think Brohm has been terrible mind you. It doesn't help that Grigsby became ineffective and all but disappeared from the offense. Even though he's been terrible rushing the ball I don't understand why we have all but abandoned him in the pass game.

How long has it been since Washington's done a good thing on returns? I can recall one time earlier in the season. The last 3 times I remember him back on returns he's fumbled and made 2 terrible decisions.

That Grigsby fumble that got BC rolling to their 2nd FG and the bad snap on the punt leading to a safety gave BC a bit of a swagger on offense and defense.

BC taking a page out of the Riders gameplan. Haven't used Harris running the ball much until this 4thQ, now he's grinding out the yards.

"I don't think Brohm has been terrible mind you."


Are you watching the same game I am????????

Couple of completions, couple of drops, been hurried a number of times. What can you expect from a guy making his first regular season game appearance? For sure a couple of throwaways and some forced throws. Watson should've grabbed that one in the 4th that went through his hands. There was no running game that could gain 3-5 yards on a run play and put him in 2nd and short to help him out. And worse yet, a couple of sacks and a couple of penalties kept putting the offense in long positions. I wouldn't pin all the struggles on him.

Can someone remind me why Romby Bryant is still out there? Doesn't get open, doesn't even feign an attempt to block or even get in someones way on run plays. Willy looked a bit annoyed with him and just basically ignored him after he made no attempt to even reach for the ball on the endzone throw, even though it was a bit overthrown.

I can drag out all the excuses. We all know what they are, from rookie this and that, to injuries. They are all legit, but it doesn't change anything. I think the team is OK, after all, which eastern team wouldn't like to have our record

My last post is not one of complacency. I do expect improvement. I am willing to be patient though. Looking at this year, I find the positives far outweigh the (growing pain) negatives.

I was hoping we'd make the playoffs this year but as the losses have been piling up, I just can't see that happening now.

Walters has definitely improved the quality of our players over last year. IMO though, the most serious problem is the quality of our co-ordinators: Etch and Bellefeuille. Especially Etch's defensive schemes. :cry:

Well you guys found a #1 QB, a #1 receiver and a very good RB. Once this team has rebuilt its offensive line and increase its NI depth, added weight on the dline . It will be a contender. With Mulumba hanging on by a thread in the NFL and a bumper crop of Offensive linesmen in the upcoming draft. Its looking good.

Word is Willy is week to week on his injury, from the way he got hurt I would guess it's an AC sprain though hard to guess how severe. We'll need him back sooner than later. I think the offense lost some of its "determination" after Brohm came in to play the 2nd half. He was fair as I said before but he's got his limitations. Clearly he's not very capable with his feet and being too much of a pocket passer with this Oline is not a good thing. I think it just magnified that Willy is our best option to win games. 4th spot in the division and possible crossover team could still be up for grabs if Sunseri doesn't get any better.